possible broken hand x3.

hiya guys well it's been a few days and I was planning on updating you all today. Unfortunately I won't be able to go in to as much detail as I want to because I am having problems typing because it looks like for the third time I have broken my hand again!  In the exact same place, how rubbish is that? But they can't tell me because it will not show up for another two weeks on an X-ray so at the minute it's back in a splint and I've got to go back to hospital in two weeks. 

Well Saturday I got to ride Gatsby again. We have been working on getting him in to an outline more consistantly but it took me seeing Fiona riding Pumpkin Pie for me to know what it was that I needed to do for Gatsby to work properly in to an outline. We got some really good work in the walk and trot (I have got pictures) and slowly we are starting to get it in the canter as well but by the time we move on to canter I tend to feel quite tired and weak on my left side. We did an exercise that we haven't done in a while where you go over three trotting poles in rising trot then the minute you've done them you ask to pick up the canter, doing a 20m circle before coming back to trot before the poles and repeating this process as many times as you want to. 

Sunday was an 10am til 6pm own a pony day, we found out that it was going to be an all day competition sort of thing. We would get judged on mucking out, grooming and tack cleaning we had about an hour to do each. In tack cleaning and mucking out I came third both times. Then for grooming I had to groom Rosie, I liked working with her because she pushed me to be firm with her because she's a little pony that if can get away with not doing something will do. But I got a second grooming her. I missed out on first because she wouldn't let me brush through her tail. Over all I came second and got a new pony club rosette (picture to follow). Then I got a 30 minute ride on Vettie. It's been a while since I'd rode him but omg it was the best ride I have ever had on him. For the entire 30 minutes I worked Vettie in an outline. It wasn't easy but we did it. We maintained the outline through transitions. In the trot which was hard because my left side wanted to give in. WE did 20m circles, rein back (which felt so weird on vettie compared to Gatsby) we did small amounts of Leg-yield but Fiona thinks that it is the best that I have ever rode Gatsby. But I am kind of gutted because I have no photo's or videos of it :( soooo gutted lol. 

Anyway my hand is now KILLING ME! lol 

Sooo Until Next Time A
A Girl With A Dream 


  1. How did you break your hand?? And why won't it show up on x-ray for two weeks? I hope it heals quickly! :( Congrats on your pony club rosette!!!


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