Well Monday was BHS and Pony Club night, I can see when I go back to Uni that Mondays will be my busiest day of the week but we will have to wait and see for that. At Pony Club we did about bandaging horses if they'd got a wound, we used bright coloured vet wrap and practiced on a horses leg. I got Gatsby and vet wrapped his leg in a turquoise/green colour. It looked quite cool and I think that the colour really suited him. We also looked at Tubby who did need his leg bandaging because he got in a fight with Alfie. I got the job of fetching Stan in, then when him and Tubby were in, I held Tubby while we cold hosed his leg, used Hibi scrub on it and then bandaged it up and I have to say that he was a very good patient he stood still and waited for it to be finished. He had a rather nice bright green bandage on by the time we were done. 

At BHS we talked about several things the main topic of conversation was different types of bedding, e.g. sawdust, shavings, straw and pellets. However we also recapped on feeding and then had a conversation about how different yards ran. It's safe to say that Broomfield came up in conversation which was interesting to say the least so I've agreed that next monday i'll take in photographs of Gatsby at the last week of Broomfield, and the first time that I rode him at West Hallam. I dare say that will surprise quite a few people to be honest because he looked awful! The change in him then and now is amazing! I think I've showed you guys before? 

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  1. If you've shown us it must have been before I started reading your blog... I would love to see the pictures!! Also I really need to learn to bandage a horse's leg... I still haven't ever done that lol.

    1. i'll post the before and after pictures of Gatsby in a post that i've got planned coming up :D not done a more recent up to date one :D


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