Jumping Gatsby 13th September 2014.

Sunday, 14 September 2014
Well Yesterday I jumped Gatsby it wasn't initially planned put I just needed to do something different and Gatsby and I haven't jumped for a while. We started off warming up and getting him nice and lose. when we moved on to getting ready for jumping we did trotting poles first we started off going over five trotting poles before we moved up to doing 7 trot poles. We tried 6 but Gatsby didn't like 6 he couldn't get his striding quite right.When we moved on to jumping we started off on my better rein which is to the right. We had trot poles going up to the jump and then a X jump. It felt good we managed to jump it really well but then we couldn't manage to get the right canter lead when landing eventually we got it right. Then we jumped to the left now this has always been my worst rein. But we got some good jumps I ride better to the left I just have a mental block on it that I really need to get past and sooner or later I will do it's jus taking a while. We did the same going this way and we had some really nice canter work as well. Gatsby was amazing his back is loads better and you can tell a combination of everything that he is having done at the minute is really helping him to work better. 

Photos and videos to come soon! 
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  1. Paola said...:

    Fun! I did the almost same thing Saturday.

  1. It was great, cleared my mind loads :D

  1. I'm so happy Gatsby is feeling better!!

  1. he's doing even better now! got a post to come :D

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