Riding Photographs

Really love this photograph this is when we were doing 7 trot poles  

Quite like this photograph og me and Gatsby, this was just before a jump (we were doing trot poles in to a jump) and you can see he was getting quite excited.

Don't know but I love this photo of Gatsby and I think that we both look pretty good. 

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  1. You both look great!!! Gatsby is soooooo gorgeous!!!!!!! Are your stirrups too long? It looks like your foot is sliding into the stirrup. It might feel better to shorten them one hole. :) I love the pictures of you guys going through the trot poles. So fun!!

    1. awww thank you so much! I love Gatsby, he's a great horse to ride! yep my stirrups were a bit to long and i kept losing my foot in them but also had the wrong stirrup irons on them! hoping for some more videos soon for y'all


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