Walk to Canter and cantering in an outline

Hiya Guys, 

well my hand is no longer in a cast! I went in to hospital on Wednesday to find out whether it was definitely broken or not. I had to get two opinions on it the first doctor wanted to tell me that it wasn't swollen (which it clearly was) and that it was perfectly fine. I wasn't happy with this because I knew that something wasn't right. The second doctor told me that it was a damaged ligament that was catching on my joints and that was what was causing the pain. So he gave me an injection in to my hand and told me that it would start working in three days. Todays the first day that my hand hasn't been as bad, and has been more managable. 

Yesterday I got to ride Gatsby for the first time in two weeks and I loved it! It's some of the best work that we have done in a long time and I loved it.  We had a bit of an arguement to start with because Gatsby didn't want to work in an outline so he tried every way possible to get out of working in an outline. But we pushed through it and managed it. The walk work was amazing,  he was forward, responsive and listening to what I wanted him to do, it was the same with the trot work both felt amazing! Both felt like something that I wasn't expecting them to be like. Then we moved on to the canter, we started doing simple canter transitions (trot to canter) they felt okay but not the best, I wasn't getting the big canter stride and uphill movement that I wanted off Gatsby. However I DID get the outline in canter when I was doing walk to canter transitions and omg it felt amazing. Being able to get it in the canter improved his trot work a million percent because it enabled me to get a big elevated trot. He felt a lot more uphill and also a lot more balanced so I was really happy with how that went. I only rode him for 40 minutes in stead of an hour because we decided that we didn't want to over do it with my hand but starting next week I'm back riding for an hour again. 

Tomorrow night is BHS and Pony Club night. 

So Until Then 
A Girl With A Dream 


  1. Sounds like a great ride! I still remember clear as day when I finally figured out the canter in an outline. It was great. Sadly the horse I was riding (and loved with all my heart) was sold before my next lesson so I never did get to feel that again with that horse.

    1. it's an amazing feeling, i love when Gatsby and I get it just right it feels so nice and you know you're sitting exactly how you're supposed to be! Gatsby isn't the easiest to get to do it but it feels great when you've got it


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