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Hiya guys, 

Well tomorrow I get to go and see Jack again and I can't wait. you'll all know that he was originally in Portland young offenders well he has now moved a little bit closer to home and is in one in wolverhampton! I get to see him Saturday and Sunday again but the advantage is that I don't have to sit in a car five hours there and five hours back, and I get to come home and sleep in my own bed after seeing him! The disadvantage is that I don't get to go to Enzo's Italian which is a really nice restaurant in Weymouth! 

Now on to the riding front. Gatsby and I are doing great, we now have a jumping lesson on a monday every other week and flat lesson or pole work every saturday :D. It's building my stamina up loads more and we're getting a lot further with our jumping so it's really nice. Gatsby has finally got his own made to fit saddle to! I rode him in it on Saturday and it felt great, he was much happier over his back and a lot more willing to drop in to the outline, we spent pretty much the entire hour in an outline in the walk and trot and we're hoping to build it up in to the canter next but we will have to wait and see what happens with that. 

Last Monday I had a jumping lesson where we looked at jumping two jumps in a row. I can't see that this is the easiest thing that I have ever had to do because for some reason my brain goes in to melt down but it felt really good. I'm getting better at keeping an even rhythm over jumps and keeping going for longer and longer at a time. We're slowly getting to where I really want to be and it feels amazing! This weekend I haven't got a flat lesson with visiting Jack but I am having my jumping lesson on Monday so I'm hoping that that's going to well. 

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