22nd November 2014 - Riding Gatsby AND….

Hiya Everyone, 

Well it's been a while since I post but things have been really hectic, between Uni and Riding there is not much time for anything else. So first of all I thought I would tell you all about riding Gatsby and a special surprise ;). 

Well i started off my lesson riding my all time favourite Gatsby, we decided that we were going to work on riding without stirrups as this is something that I was doing a lot of but haven't done in a while and seen as I'm feeling a lot more confident I decided that it was time to do it again and I have video's for you all :). We warmed up in walk and trot, doing small amounts of leg yield and working on keeping both Gatsby and I straight. The outline came a lot easier this time, and we managed to get it in walk and trot and best of all we were maintaining it through transitions and for the majority of the hour. (See the video's below), 

Then after riding Gatsby I got a ride on the lovely horse that can be seen below. This is Mr. Tubs who is Elaine's horse. He is a lovely cob with a great temperament and very forward. He is a completely different ride to Gatsby and in many ways I find Gatsby a lot easier to ride than Mr. Tubs but I do enjoy riding Tubby, he's great. We got a few moments in the outline but I just need to adjust more to riding him, he's the type of horse that needs to be rode a lot straighter, he tends to drop out through his right shoulder. We even did a small amount of trot (but I didn't get this on video).


These two horses are so very different to ride but I really enjoyed it. Elaine and I have even said that we will be swapping more often, so we both can get used to riding other horses. I think it will be really fun and next week we will be working on canter work. 

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  1. Welcome back!! Those are great videos. You and Gatsby look so great. You have such great posture! Gatsby is so gorgeous. What breed is Tubby? He's so chunky!! I love your trainer's accent and I appreciate her tip about keeping our hands closer. I've been so bad about having my hands too wide with Chrome lately hehe. :D

    1. I used to always ride with really wide hands but she likes to remind me not to, it's taken me two years to get it right but i managed it in the end, it's always my leg and hands she reminds me about! aww thank you so much, i love gatsby, we normally work well together :D. i'm not sure what breed Tubby is i will have to find out and ask!


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