Seeing Jack and another good ride on Gatsby.

I rode Gatsby yesterday (Saturday) and we had a really really good lesson! It would appear that last weeks riding wasn't just a fluke and that I can actually ride in an outline for an hour twice in a row! Can I make it three times though? It has taken me 3 years (roughly) riding at this stables that I am at now to get the feel of the outline and now that I have got the feeling it just makes so much more sense! 

We started up warming up in the walk, making sure to move long and low, making sure that I rode off the track and making sure that I was riding straight. I had to make sure that Gatsby's neck was not overly bent to the inside because he was trying to pull on my right rein to block my contact with it. I have to give him credit that once I got him listening he was very good and very responsive. We moved up in to the walk work quite early as Gatsby felt really nice supple and loose through his back, he was responsive, forward and listening to what I wanted! Straight away we picked up the outline, and we kept it, we even managed to keep it through out most of our transitions, a few of the upward trot transitions we lost it for about one stride but the rest were fairly good. I even have video proof. 

Again like last week I moved on to doing some work without stirrups and while I was doing work without stirrups I was also doing lateral work mainly shoulder in with small bits of leg yield at the end. Going to the left I was able to get a good response off my leg, but going to the right it took me a while to get him to make a shift with his shoulders and not just bend his neck which is what he was wanting to do. We did it in walk and trot. Our leg yields were fairly good, they were also a lot better to the left as I just got a sharper response off that leg and it can open my hips up a little bit more that way. I then took my stirrups back to cool Gatsby down, and boy did they feel short! I Felt like I should be jumping with them. I cooled him down and then it was time to get off him. 

I've even got some video proof for you all! Here you go guys videos include walk, trot, outline, leg yielding I think and small amounts of shoulder in. Enjoy :) 


I saw Jack today and he is doing really well, I love that I get to see him every two weeks at the minute, it is working out really well and of course I just love the time I get with him. Any time with him is better than no time with him! He's home in just over two months and I can't wait, the time seems to be going so fast now! It really is insane. Anyway I'm off to sleep now, cause I'm so tired. 

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  1. Looking good! It sounds like you have really fun lessons. :D I'm glad Jack gets to come home soon! :D


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