The list Part 1

Well I was reading a really interesting post that can be found here on Equestrian Journey's Blog and thought that I might have to copy the idea of the list, as with only being at my stables two days a week while I'm at Uni there isn't an awful lot horse related going on. There is 214 things on this list and first i'm going to put the things that I have already done! 

2. Canter straight between two poles set parallel on the ground, make them as narrow as you can. This is something that I have done with Gatsby and other horses, I did this recently with Gatsby to work on my straightness when jumping and making sure we would get the right stride in canter before putting the jumps up. 

8. Ride in the rain, intentionally. Living in the UK it rains a lot so if I stopped riding just cause it rained I probably would not do that much riding!

10. Try riding in a new saddle. On Gatsby alone I have rode in three different saddles on him, when Riding Vettie and Mr Tubs I ride in a Sue Carson Dressage Saddle and I have to say that I love this type of saddle. 
Riding in Vettie's dressage Sue Carson Saddle. 

11. Place two poles on the ground a fair distance apart, then see how many strides and then how few strides you can ride between the two. If it helps you, you can have someone help count the strides from the ground. You can do this in walk, trot and canter. Done this mainly in canter, the most recent time I did this it was on a circle with four poles, 1 each at the main points of the circle. 

12. Ride Someone else's horse, even if you have to pay to do it. I don't have my own horse yet. So ride Jenny's every week (Gatsby), I've also rode Fiona's (Vettie), Elaine's (Mr Tubs) and before they passed away Kelly's (Rascal and Leo). 

20. Try doing an 'around the world' while someone holds the horse. This is something I used to do a lot as a kid but have tried recently with Gatsby. 

24. For one month, keep a diary chronically any and all rides you have with your horse. This blog was first made to track my riding progress on my journey to getting my own horse so up until this year 99% of my rides are on here, this year with so much going on I've been a bit slack but I'm back on it 

25. Learn to wrap polos correctly. All I'll say is Pony Club :D. 
These were bandages but it was the only photo that I have got. 
26. Explain to someone who knows nothing about horses something you are working on training your horse. Check to see if they understand. Well I frequently try and do this with Jack, he always asks what I'm doing in my riding at the minute and if it's something I think he won't understand I do try and explain it better to him but he still thinks dressage is 'showing off for horses' and dressage with music is 'showing off for horses to music', My boy makes me laugh :D. 

35. Ride through as many puddles as you can this winter. Just because it's funny when Gatsby sees his own reflection. 

40. Take an artistic portrait picture of your horse. I do photography at  uni… 

54. Ride a dressage test that you've never ridden before. Dressage tests are available online for free. Done this with Pony Club on the Dressage Rallies to improve my riding. 

56. Have someone lunge you on your horse, so you can practice your position without having to control the horse. Done this with Vettie, this was also the first time that I cantered Vettie. 

68. Halt without pulling on the reins. My riding teacher is all about using you're seat and position to do everything! 

73. Ride as deep into the corners of the arena as you can. Another one of my riding teachers favourite things to do. 

83. Apologize aloud to your horse the next time you make a mistake. Every time I do something wrong that really effects Gatsby you'll here me go 'sorry Gats'.

84. Do medium or extended trot down the long wall of the arena, and as you enter the corners of the arena collect and compress the trot as much as you can, carry it through the short wall, then return to medium or extended trot on the next long wall. Yep, done this with a few horses it really gets Gatsby listening and my aids to be a whole load more precise. 

87. Ride your horse in their turnout field. We put jumps in the field this summer and it was amazing! 

93. Get on your horse from the wrong side. Had to do this for one of the pony club tests can't say i particularly enjoyed it though! 

95. Ride in the dark. Used to every week during the winter at Broomfield on a wednesday night. I think there is something relaxing about doing it though. 
I sure do miss riding Thomas!

97. Try to touch your horses ears while you sit on their back. 

101. Take a picture or video while riding your horse.

102. Set four poles equidistance around a circle. Practice cantering around the circle, over the poles, in an even stride. See earlier about shortening and lengthening strides between poles. 

104. Jump your horse over a small jump, then have them step over the same jump without jumping. Frequently happens but this is normally Gatsby's way of saying 'come on amber lets make it bigger'.
Can not find the trot photo, but here was the first time that we jumped it. 

117. Drop your reins while trotting and see if you can maintain a consistent trot rhythm without them. I also do this to see if Gats will stay in an outline on his own, self carriage.

118. Give your horse a full body bath. Pony Club last summer. 

125. Ground Drive your horse. Done this with Taz during Pony Club.

128. Laugh out Loud.  All the time during my lessons :D. 

129. On a 20m circle, leg yield in to a small circle, then leg yield back out to the 20m circle. Not done this in a  while but have done it with Gatsby to get him really listening to my leg aids. It is NOT easy. 
142. Weak a riding helmet every ride. 

143. Do sitting trot with no stirrups. Done lots of it but can't say that I love it, but I do enjoy cantering without stirrups!
Preferred my canter picture without stirrups. 
153. Hug your horse! All the time, I love Gatsby! 

158. Ride in front of a mirror. Broomfield had mirrors in the indoor school, hoping that we are getting mirrors at my stables this time. 
Excuse my really shocking riding! 

161. Ride a square shape (best done in walk or canter), instead of arching through the corners, turn your horse on their haunch so they swing their forehand around as if in a pirouette. Done this but turning on the forehand as well. 

182. Choose one thing to never do with your horse, then never do it. Never ever teach a horse to rear up, it's dangerous and unsafe for who ever rides it. 

198. Body paint designs on your horse. I have painted all Gatsby's bones on to him twice. 

206. Run beside your horse in step with them to see what their stride is like for you. I got bored one day and was told to keep Gatsby warm while we changed his saddle. Also done this while leading at the Pony Club evenings. 

208. Identify one thing that is unique and special about your horse. He knows better than I what I can and can't do and he will tell me, and if he KNOWS i can do something he'll push me to do it. He believes in me. 

214. Do that thing that you've always wanted to do with your horse. Each and every time I ride finish on a positive note, set my self small goals for during that lesson and complete them during that lesson. It helps me to feel like I've accomplished something and never finish a ride feeling disappointed, even if I have to go back and do something simple that's what I'll do. :D. 
Always end on a good note, see smiles all around, though i'm not sure what Gatsby is looking at. 

Next Time I will make a list of things that I want to do off the list. 
Until Then 
 A Girl With A Dream - AmberRose 


  1. Good post Mambs look forward to reading other things that fill in the spaces

  2. Awesome!! You've done a LOT already! I'm looking forward to following along as you complete more. I've done some of these things, but it wasn't with Chrome so I'm not counting it yet lol. I can't wait until you can have a horse of your own! Then you'll get to do it all again!! :D

    1. Hehe thank you! I love that most of it has been with Gatsby, so much more to work on with him now! I'm buzzing to have my own horse i'm hoping that next year will be the year ;D Then it will be time to start on over. :) xx


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