4th Lesson spending the whole lesson in an outline!

The title of this post says it all for me, for those of you that have been following my blog for a while you will know that when I first started riding Gatsby at West Hallam Riding Centre (29th September 2012) I was introduced in to the idea of riding in an outline, ever since then I have been trying to get the feel and some weeks I get it then I could go 2/3 weeks and not get it at all and feel really frustrated. Well the past four lessons that I have had I have been riding Gatsby in an outline the whole time, some of our transitions we loose it a little bit, but the majority of it we are in an outline in walk, trot and we are even starting to get it really well in canter. We have even started to get it in our jump lessons which before we never really bothered to do, we were more focused on getting over the jumps, now not only are we jumping but we are trying to get an outline in-between the jumps. 

We started warming up long and low, normally I just stretch him out in the walk then start picking him up in the canter. This time i decided that it was time for a change and we started trotting and getting him to really stretch out while he was trotting. This got him moving from behind and really stretching over his back, it felt amazing, I'm not sure whether I have got a video of this part but I have got lots of videos  from todays lesson. 

When we started asking to pick him up in the walk initially he was pulling on my right hand and trying to get my right rein out so that he had more control. But by using half halts and lots of transition work, while getting him off my left leg he stopped hanging off my right arm, except when we moved in to canter and were cantering on the left lead. He also tends to want to fall out through his left shoulder. 

I then moved on to doing sitting trot and getting him working in an outline, this work was really nice but we needed a little bit more energy. I needed him to really pop off my leg and get him going a bit more forward. But he was working real well. 

When we moved in to the canter the left rein was awful, we fell out through his shoulder and he had a tendency of running. We started off doing trot canter transitions, which weren't the best but when I got hold of the right hand side again it worked really well. To the left we were able to do walk canter transitions and these were lovely we had a nice amount of lift and he was forward off my leg, he was also working in an outline in the canter which is something we've been wanting to achieve for a long time so I am really happy with the work that we have done today. 

We cooled him down for about 10 minutes because he was really wound up and then we left it at that. It was really good, and of course he got lots of cuddles for being such a good boy during our ride today.

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  1. Good job!!!! You guys look fantastic!!!

    1. thank you we are working hard at the minute! this horse is just amazing! xx


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