busy few days

I had another good morning at the stables this week it's been a busy week for my this week. So here's what I've been upto. 

Monday - Day at my stables, I went up to my stables in the morning and helped out I spent about 3 hours there, then I went home and chilled out for a bit before going back for my jumping lesson. It was so good we did this really cool dog leg exercise that I have never done before and thought that I was going to really struggle with, to start with I wasn't being decisive enough. However once I decided that I wanted to do it, it went really well. We jumped small jumps all in canter though and landing on the right lead for the canter after the jump. It felt really nice and I was so happy with the work we did. Unfortunately it was dark so there is no videos' of this. It was then time for pony club, where we were riding again and I got to ride Vettie for 30 minutes. As you guys will know I've rode Vettie lots last winter and the beginning of this year but I have not rode him much this summer. I rode him the best that I have ever rode him, we had good shoulder in's and leg yields we where in an outline for 90% of the time it just went really smoothly. 

Tuesday and Wednesday - I had some quality nephew time, I hadn't seen him much up until last week, then this week I met my sister Tuesday and had my nephew stop at mine for the night Tuesday night we then had lots of cuddles and a wicked day Wednesday including going to the park, playing with lego and just lots of fun kids activities that I of course loved ;D. 

Today was the day of my dads operation so I've just been trying to keep myself really busy, his operation went really well, and he is home now. This morning I went up to my stables for 8am and was there until 11.30. It was an eventful morning at the stables, with Soloman breaking the fence and horses just being generally mischievous. I loved mucking out, I know that might sound mad but for me it's just really therapeutic and relaxing :). 

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  1. What operation did you dad have? I'm glad he's doing well.

    1. He had a stent fitted in one of the arteries in his heart, he's felt loads better up until today, then he's not looked or felt to good today!


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