A horse filled day

I'm feeling tired today it has been a long day and I haven't slept much last night so it is safe to say that I am pretty tired right about now so this blog post might not be very long. This morning I was at my stables, I got there for 9.30. I then mucked out Sam's, solys and Gatsby stable and little rocky's stable, I almost forgot that little man. I then helped fiona to fill all the hay nets so there is now two days worth of hay nets filled and bring the horses in and turn the two remaining horses out. 

I then took my mum and dad to cosmo for lunch, and got my nails done :D. Before going back to my stables. Pony Club is now back on. So tonight we covered an important topic, the little kids wanted to go outside and run around so they did that and then the older ones stayed inside so two of us and Fiona and we discussed the steps you'd go through to buying your own horse. It was really interesting and I learnt a lot, I know that i am definitely going to be asking Fiona lots of questions this year. So we will have to wait and see what happens. It was then time to put the horses to bed, I put Gatsby and Soly to bed. I had Charlie helping me and had to show her the  kind of things we do as she has never been to pony club before. Over all it's been a really good but tiring day today.

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