serene sunday

Today has been a quieter day, I hadn't slept very well friday night and then was awake at a reasonable time yesterday morning, then I had a really busy day so I knew that by the time I got in and went to bed I was going to go to sleep well. I ended up sleeping really well last night and then over slept this morning. I had no plans for today so I've just had a peaceful day. 

I've spent time catching up on everyones blogs, which I have loved doing. I have read a book from start to finish, if your interested in what book you can find it on the books I've read page. I've also come up with new ideas from my uni work. One of the modules that I have to do is a professional work place module, for this we have to find a client and do a paid shoot, or we can make it up and do it as a general idea. I had originally thought about finding a hair dresser to photograph her work however my friend came up with a good idea and said that she thought I would find it really fun. Tattoos. I want to find a tattoo parlour that would like someone to photograph there work preferably as a commission but if I couldn't get paid to do it, I'd do it for free to get experience and then just develop the work module. 

I also thought that I would show you all my hair :D, it's back pink again it has been for about 3 months can't believe I haven't shown you guys it yet! 

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  1. Pink hair!! So cool!!

    I love lazy, relaxing days. That's what I'm doing today. I've been so busy I haven't been able to read blogs so it's been nice to spend today catching up a little. :)

    1. I love having pink hair just because it let s me have my own individuality as a kid I used to get bullied a lot in school and now I just ignore what people say and get on with my life. I know I'm not perfect but my little mad moments. E.g. my hair colour let me be me.

      I love my me time lol. I need to catch up on everyones blogs soon I've been so busy I've neglected my own but that is going to change again x


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