Uni, Riding and Pony Club

Another eventful day has been had today but it ended in wicked horse time at the stables! What more could a girl ask for right? 

Mondays means its a full day at uni followed by rushing to the stables and then chilling out. This afternoon I had my lesson on Gatsby where we worked on cantering and oh my god it was amazing. The transitions were not always the best but we are working on that, we cantered a lot, managing to go from one point to the next point without breaking from the canter. We did lots of circles and long side combinations and it felt so good! After the canter work that we did on saturday I was really really expecting my canter to be shocking today but I just managed to get on with it put saturday behind me and do what I do best, enjoy my time with a wonderful horse. We are also now getting to the point where I can work Gatsby in to an outline in-between the moments of canter that we are getting. 

Then it was time for Pony Club, we started off the evening by putting the ponies new paddock together. Big Rocky and stan have both got really bad mud fever. So we are trying to sort out a smaller paddock for those guys so they can still get out and thats on dryer ground. All the kids collected together the poles for the electric fencing and the electric fencing and then learnt how to place the poles and how to put the electric fencing up and together. After this we spent an hour putting to bed and I got Percy. He is such a good horse, I'm slowly starting to like him more and more and I really enjoy doing things with him. He was really good to be brushed, skipped out, hay put up and water topped up all of this was done without tying him up. I can see myself spending more time with him in the future but only time will tell with that. 

On that note i'll finish with my five good things Gatsby did during our ride. 
1. Maintained self carriage while cantering without having to be forced. 
2. Responded very well to the slightest leg aids and engaged in what we were doing. 
3. Because I have a week left leg, to maintain the canter I have to tap him up using the crop, Gatsby listened to this very well and allowed me to be gentle with it but keep him going when my leg couldn't keep going. 
4. Good transitions from trot to canter. They were sharp and effective. 
5. Looked for the contact, if I had not got a good enough contact Gatsby looked for this and let me know that he needed me to take hold of him more. While keeping in an outline.

On that note I will leave you with a photograph of a photo that I printed at uni today using the darkrooms, my first 5x4 film developed and printed by myself. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 


  1. Wow that photo is amazing!! Good job!!

    What does skipped out mean? I can usually figure out what you mean when you use British terms even when I've never heard them before, but I can't figure that one out lol.

    1. Thank you I was so surprised how this photograph turned out it is one of my favourites.

      Skipping out is similar to mucking out, it just gets done during the day and evening lol and instead of talking both the wet and the poo out the stable you just remove the poo does that help lol? I'm not the best at explaining things.

    2. Yes that makes perfect sense! Thanks for explaining it for me. :D


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