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Well its time for an update on everything that has been going on in my world.  First of being my loan with tubby, that is no longer happening unfortunately things were starting to get too complicated and after the fall that Elaine had with him at that point he was not sound. And no one could guarentee when he was going to be sound and we decided that there was no point starting the loan on wrong footing so unfortunately that did not happen. However I have come up with a new plan of things that I want to do I am currently saving up for a foal while a lot of people might not think that this is the worlds best idea because of the fact that it is my first ever horse however I feel that with the support and knowledge I have surrounding me that this is something that I would be able to do. Feel free to let Me know your thoughts.

Another thing you have all missed is the fact that I am having problems with my stomach again at the minute. For the last few weeks I have been being sick all the time and no one is quite clear why. I have had blood tests to try and figure out why and still not figured it out. So I am now waiting for an ultra sound scan to come through and see if this will shed some light on to why I am getting to be as poorly as I am.  Unfortunately at this moment in time this is effecting my time at the stables and the work that I am doing. However I am hoping tablets and the scan will start showing results and giving me some answers.

Gatsby and I are doing well.  We are currently doing a lot of work without stirrups because this has been proven that I am able to ride a lot better without them. Our aim is to be able to ride as well with stirrups as I do with out. We are currently working on canter with out stirrups with the plan to then move on to riding bareback which is something that I have always wanted to do. So I am hoping that that dream will be come a reality soon. Although I am not sure how I would manage to get all the way up on to Gatsby back. We've also been doing some jumping.

Anyway I'm off now as I feel quite ill.

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  1. I'm sorry about the lease falling through, but it sounds like you dodged a bullet. A horse falling from tripping over a pole just doesn't sound normal to me... I hope they can get him sound again.

    I loved raising Chrome from five months old! I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, but to be honest I don't know if I ever want to start a horse under saddle again. The crazy thing is a used to start horses for other people so it's not like I'm new to it or anything. I've had horses my whole life. I've just lost a lot of confidence as I've gotten older. Will you be starting the foal yourself or put him/her in training with a professional? It takes a lot of confidence to do it yourself!! I constantly feel like I have no idea what I'm doing with Chrome and I've started several horses before him (western, not dressage, that's why it's so different and I'm doing it on my own this time without help from my sister... we used to take the green horse out with a trained horse... taking a green horse out alone is not for the faint of heart). It will definitely be challenging, but with your trainer's help it should be fine! As long as you are willing to seek help when you need it. I need help with Chrome but unfortunately I don't have a working trailer or the money to get it right now, so we just piddle around in the meantime. It can be frustrating.

    I'm so sorry you've been sick. :( I hope you're okay. Please update when you can!!

    1. Also did you get to do the show in March? How did it go?

      I don't know the details of your stomach problems, but look into Celiac disease. Going gluten free solved my numerous stomach problems. Feel better soon!

    2. I'm gutted about the loan going wrong to be honest but I am starting to think that it was for the best he just obviously wasn't the right horse for me. I have however later discovered that he is now up for sale and Elaine won't be keeping him anymore so I'm not sure what is going on there to be honest with you.

      I have always loved the idea of raising my own youngster and think that if I do seriously decided that this is the way that I want to go then I need to do lots more research and that I would want to do everything myself however I would of course ask my trainer about the parts that I do not know about while I know it would be hard I feel that for me it would be the best option I am going to be doing a post on why I tbi k so so please feel free to leave any comments on it

  2. I can imagine you must be upset about it, but I really think it was for the best. When he fell down was he cantering or trotting or walking? If he fell at a walk I would be really worried something neurological is going on with him.... if you ever have any questions about raising a baby from diet, exercise, turnout, training, etc. please feel free to email me. I learned a LOT about it when I was raising Chrome (and that's with having had horses my whole life) that I'm happy to share. The funny thing is I still have lots to learn. If I did it all over again I would still learn so much. I guess that's one reason I love working with horses. I'm always learning something new. :) I've done everything with Chrome so far. Only three other people have been on him for very short rides (5-10 minutes), so all of the training as been me. I think I've done a great job with him so far, but I feel like I've hit a wall as far as our progress goes. I don't want to put him in training, but I would definitely like to take lessons on him. I still want to do it all myself, but I know I need help at this point. I've only ever trained horses for trail riding. I've never trained one in dressage so it's all new territory for me. :)

    1. I was really upset at the time when I made the decision not to go through with it but the more I look back at it the more I think that I really am making the right choice for me but most importantly for Tubby. He fell over in the trot…

      I will remember to keep you in mind if I do decided to get a baby, I love the idea of having the bond that I see that you and Chrome have got because it looks amazing and that infinite amount of trust, I'm super excited about it, while I thought that it was going to be this year that I got the horse it might end up being next year, i'm still keeping my eye out but i want to make sure that the time is right for both me and the horse other wise it just wouldn't be fair on either of us. I love that horses teach so much and I think that this might be the best option for me at this moment in time. i'm thinking about doing a pro's and con's type post about whether to get a baby or not as well.

    2. Oooh a pro/con post would be fun! :D


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