Visiting Magic - 13th June 2015

So today I should have gone to ride Gatsby for my weekly saturday lesson, but last night we had a torrential down pour and the school ended up flooding. I was feeling majorly bummed because it means that it will be three weeks since I've rode Gatsby, when I next get on him, due to ill health and stupid weather. So I decided that instead of going to see Gatbsy I would go and see Magic, we didn't leave until later on in the day as the weather was horrible so I was hoping it would pass but it didn't, however by the time I got to yorkshire, it was quite dry there.

Magic was in his field with his mum, who hasn't actually got her name so I'm probably just going to call her M.M. (aka Magic's mum). Magic was having a drink off his mum when I got there, so I started off by giving him some space and letting M.M. approach me first, with Magic followingly slowly behind her. Magic was even more curious today than he had been on Wednesday, he was getting quite close to me, all though he was still out of reaching distance. However after being there for a couple of minutes he did let me place my hand on his back and just hold it there for a few seconds, then he'd shift and I'd moved my hand away. He did this about 4 times before wandering off to do his own things. M.M was a bit Grumpy today, but I am putting it down due to the stormy atmosphere that is going on at the moment. I didn't take that many photographs but thought I'd share these two photographs. 

This is a photograph of Magic at 22 days old, I love this photograph, because he just makes me laugh. He's starting to look really chunky, and it's amazing me watching how much he is growing even if he is less than a month old. It still seems surreal believing that he actually is mine.

This is Magic today at 25 days old, the difference that just three days makes really does amaze me, he's just changing all the time. I was going to do one of those fancy confirmation things that I see lots of people do when they're blogging but honestly? I don't understand how you do them, but hey if someone wants to let me know how to I'll do one :).

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  1. You actually got really close on that last one. Here is a post that explains it really well.

    Also I might be reading it wrong, but just in case I want to share a tip. When you touch him always move your hand before he moves. If you touch him and then he moves and you take your hand away you're teaching him to move to make you stop touching him. To reward him for letting you touch him always remove your hand before he has a chance to move away. :) I hope that makes sense. I'm horrible at describing things. He'll love being touched once he started shedding his foal coat. They get sooooo itchy. Once he realized you can scratch all of his itchy spots he won't leave you alone. :D He is SO cute!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you for the link to that last post, I love that blog so I'm definitely going to have a read over it, and see what it says!

      Awww thank you that makes a bit more sense, at the minute I do take my hand off just before he moves but some times he decides to move out of no where, I kind of leave my hand on him until he gets that look about him where he's thinking about moving and then I take it off him before he has chance to move sorry I don't think that I explained myself very well there lol! you're descriptions are great they all make sense lol!

    2. That's perfect! You are doing it exactly right. :D Good job!! You can't always predict when he will move, but getting it nine times out of ten is good.


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