Visiting Magic - 16th June 2015.

So I went to see Magic again, I don't want to bore you all with the posts as not a lot really happened but I want to keep my own personal record of how things went with him, so that I can look back in the future and see what things I've done and how I got there. 

He's starting to get really curious about people, before when I used to get there he wasn't really bothered. When I got there this time he even neighed at me and it made my day, cause it means that he's starting to recognise me. When it was time to leave he also stood watching me go, but I really didn't want to go lol. He's starting to be interested in my camera bag, I left it on the floor the other day and I turned my back for two minutes and he'd got his nose in my bag looking around it, so I then sat down holding my camera and he kept wanting to come up to it and touch it. Then he'd realise I was holding it and change his mind. We also had a break through when it comes to me touching him, I started off by trying to stroke him and he wasn't having any of it, he didn't seem to like it when I moved my hand however he DID let me place my hand flat on his bum/back and hold it there for about 5 minutes before deciding to move. I was so buzzing about it and I got picture evidence!! So happy. 

Photos to come on the next post.

Amber Rose 


  1. These posts don't bore me at all!! I love them!! I miss my Chrome being a baby hehe. It's so fun reading about everything you're doing with him. I love a foal's curiosity! He sounds so awesome! :D


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