Magic and Jumping fun

So Magic is doing really well, I haven't been up to see him much as unfortunately I am not very well at the moment. This is due to me crashing my car a few weeks ago. So it's fair to say I haven't had a good few weeks. My car was a complete write off. I've seen Magic twice since the accident but he was a little bit more apprehensive of me at the moment due to the fact that I had a splint on my wrist. But I still get videos and photographs of him even when I don't go to see him so that's always nice. I'm just wondering if anyone has any opinions of how to get a head collar on him and when I should do it? 

But now on to the riding part of this blog, there will be videos and some photographs to follow later on in the week. yesterday I rode Gatsby. We rode in the school this week instead of the field, but we decided to work on some show jumping and it went really well! We did a baby cross jump and a baby vertical jump. My mum has recently bought me one of the new air jacket pop out body protectors and this was the first time that I had used it. I'll do a review on it one day but it is safe to say it's the comfiest body protector that I have ever worn, it hugs your body and just moves with you to be honest I forgot that I had got it on half of the time. 

Gatsby was a star the whole time. We started off warming up on a long rein, making sure that he was nice and forwards and really stretchy, I kept him on a long rein in both walk and trot. Before picking him up again. I didn't ask for much of the outline because to be honest I didn't feel like I had the strength to do this. We then moved on to three trot poles and going over them, I did this with my flat length stirrups before putting them up about four holes to jump length. 

The first jump that we did was off my bad rein (which I didn't realise until Fiona pointed it out to me), on this rein we just did a small cross rail. I started off by just coming up to the jump in trot but I didn't feel like I could get the flow right and I could feel Gatsby getting excited so I decided to move to jumping in canter and it felt great! We nearly almost got the strides right every time, there was only one where it went really wrong. We then switched reins and put the jump up to a vertical and again I felt quite nervous but decided to just canter up to it and it felt amazing! I honestly felt like we were flying Gatsby was foot perfect he was just amazing and I love him for it! He took real care of me. But by the end of the lesson both Fiona and I realised that my body protector was giving me that bit of an extra confidence boost and that was helping me to be the pilot not just go along for the ride. 

so until next time 
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