The dreams finally becoming a reality.

Well it's been a while since I've posted on here so thought that I might as well update you guys on every things so here goes. 

Magic comes on Saturday and I am buzzing, it's Thursday today and I am off to get his stable ready soon, I've got his bedding Aquamax based on the simple fact that I really like it and think that it looks nice and I am hoping that he'll like it too. I've brought his feed and I think pretty much everything else that he needs. So now all I need is him and I am absolutely BUZZING. He's the biggest foal that they have bred this year and so far he has had a nice temperament he hasn't done anything deliberately mean or hurtful he's just been a foal. For those of you that have got me on Facebook you'll have seen that he is also getting quite people friendly. But once he's delivered I'm sure I'm going to have lots more to tell you guys about so that means I should be back to posting everyday. 

Secondly I'm now back at University and the course is going well. I'm ahead in all my modules and really enjoying the work that I am doing. It's finally started to become more commercial based don't get me wrong some lectures still drive me insane and I end up really not seeing the point in them but the majority of them have been okay so far. 

I've also set up my own side business its called 'Magic Personalisation' this is an embroidery business that focuses on personalising equine products so far I have done feed bucket covers and saddle cloths and numnahs (I will post pictures later on), if anyone is interested please feel free to head over to my Facebook page BY CLICKING THIS LINK - MAGIC PERSONALISATION FACEBOOK PAGE.   There is posts saying the prices for different items and later on I will be posting a full price list of all the products that I am going to be able to personalise. 

Until Next Time 
Amber Rose 


  1. I can't wait until he arrives!!!!!! So exciting!!!!

    I'm glad school is going well. Good luck with your new business! I don't know where you find the time hehe.


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