6 Months Old - Present Time

Today Magic is 6 months old, and I was a nice horse owner and got him a present although at the moment I don't think that he really appreciates it. I've bought him a Dually Halter. Up until Bonfire night I was able to lead Magic everywhere, everywhere I went he came, he walked around the stable nicely, he was polite, he'd walk in the school, to the school and to the field, however since he got spooked on Bonfire night this has not been the case. He's started to only walk where he wants to walk to, until today. Today was the first day that he wore his new Red Monty Roberts Dually Head Collar and the difference in just one time of wearing it was amazing. He only had two stupid moments and calmed down quickly after both of them
My little monster out in the field munching on Hay, this is one of the first few times that he went out in the field.
I took him for a walk again tonight using his new head collar and the change in him is amazing! He leads so much better, he stays next to me, walks with his head at my shoulder like he's supposed to. He's even starting to stand properly, only for 10 seconds at the moment but hey it's a start right? Tomorrow we are going to do more work on leading and backing up, my aim at the moment is to try and keep his head where it's supposed to be and to keep him moving and walking freely. He seems to be understanding what I have asked of him so that's all I can ask for from him.
He always lies down when I'm there but this was with in the first week of me having him, I guess Magic just feels comfortable around me.
Now on to the bad news, I got suspended from University today unfortunately due to my ill health and the loss of my driving licence. Next september I get to go back and then all it means I'll do is start this year again, but as the saying goes only time will tell. So the only plus side to that is that I get to spend more time perfecting and training Magic.

Until Next Time
Amber Rose 


  1. That sucks about getting suspended. :( Having an illness that makes you feel awful, but you look normal on the outside is so hard, because nobody around you understands... I'm glad you will get to go back.

    Magic looks like he's settling in well. I'm glad you're getting past the balking. I had the opposite problem with Chrome at that age. He didn't want to stop!! He was so bad about wanting to walk right into me. He figured it out quickly though and Magic will too. :)

  2. It's been hard to get used too the fact and some days I find it harder than others luckily I have an extremely supportive family and boyfriend that are helping me through it.

    Magic is getting there it takes him a while but he does slowly understanding what I ask him and then he's generally really good about it. He's a very quick learner


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