The pony escapades and photos

I am trying to get back in to the swing of writing more often but with how I'm feeling at the minute finding the motivation is not always the easiest thing in the world. However I've got a spare few moments in between sorting Magic out and trying to sort everything else out so I thought now was the best time. 

Magic is doing great at the moment I see him three times a day and the main thing that we are working on his picking up his back feet. At the moment he will happily (well as close to happy as a baby can be about these things) pick up his front feet and pick them out. However his back feet is a totally different story. One minute he'll let me touch his back legs the next minute he wants nothing to do with me being near his back legs. As I am a big fan of Parelli we are currently using the friendly game to work on picking up his back legs and he seems to be getting happier with the situation. The next thing that we are mainly working on is leading. Magic has been great to lead since the moment I got him, it's one of the things that he picked up straight away. However since the harsh weather he's got slightly more obnoxious about it and now likes to plant himself in one place and refuse to move. Eventually I'm going to teach him the driving game so I know that this will help him to understand things more, but until then I'm just trying to be persistent and NOT let him win. I'm also planning on buying him a Monty Roberts Dually Halter tomorrow, so I think that this might help as well. 

Today he has been exceptionally naughty, he's tried biting and kicking and doesn't like the word no. However I think this was due to the fact he was tied up outside his stable while I was mucking out his stable and that it was just getting really really windy which was freaking him out. However he did eventually decide to listen and just calm down and be his normal self.

Right now on to the bit that you have all been waiting for PHOTOGRAPHS! I've got a huge amount of photographs from when he was a baby until the day that I got him and then thousands since them. So I'm going to attempt to get the photographs in age order but with that many this might be slightly hard. 

Magic the day he came, he was quite skinny and underweight and didn't look the worlds best, however after he let me brush him for an hour he had a nice shiny coat. At this point he was quite frightened, but he was still trying to be very loving. 

After I'd had him for a couple of days, I love the look of the Aquamax bedding but for a baby it just didn't work. Unfortunately he made it too wet.

Same day as the photograph that was taken above. See even though he was quite nervous he was still being very loving and kind. Although he is not so small! 

Pretty face.

I have taken lots of photographs of him looking at his body because I wanted to see the progression in his weight, you can also see we moved on to straw bedding because he managed to keep this cleaner. 

Selfie's with the pony, first or second time out in the field. 

Example of planting himself in one spot and deciding that he doesn't' want to move.

Photograph taken three days ago, as you can see he is starting to look much healthier.

Starting to get used to traffic going past as he is not very keen on cars at the  moment however we made a BIG step and walked to the scary gate 

Until Next Time 
Amber Rose 


  1. I can't believe how big he is already!

  2. I know he's massive lol! He's growing loads, he's measuring just under 14hh at the moment and he's 6 months old today :)

  3. Hey your super blog is Haynets Blog of the Day! Come and take a look:

  4. He is so adorable! I love his fuzzy ears. :D

  5. He he thank you he's ears are definitely defining him cxx


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