Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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Very brief catch up post

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Hi guys,

Well it has been a while since I have had time to blog but it's safe to say my life has just been a little bit hectic. Magic is now at home and I'm loving that. I get to see him everyday and his cute little face always looks happy to see me. Whole some days I really struggle with the early mornings other days I find it fine (however this will be explained more later). At the moment either my mum or I am at the stables three times a day.  For his breakfast, lunch and tea. I've had magic for about a month now. When I first got him he was struggling to maintain his weight, it kept going up and down.  However since changing his feed he is slowly putting his weight on and starting to look extremely healthy. He goes out in the field daily and will happily let me catch him all though at the minute his favourite game is playing let's break the electric fencing. I've taught him to pick his front feet up and have them picked out (although it is under great protest) and the past two days he has starTed letting me pick his back feet out to all though magic is not as keen on this. My next thing that I wanted to teach him is about rugging as we are currently going through some quite bad weather at the moment and it is said to just be getting worse. I will over load you guys with pictures soon.

As for my health it's slowly getting better.  I am currently on a mission to get fit, those of you that have me on Facebook will know that I have lost my driving licence. So I am currently getting the bus to places, doing plenty more walking and even doing some small amounts of cycling. I am starting using slim fast to lose weight as well as moderating my food in take and obviously with magic I am also a lot more active. On Thursday I was at the hospital and I have finally got some more answers about my stomach problems.  Part of the reason that I am being sick is the fact that my stomach takes twice as long as a 'normal' persons to digest food, so I get that he feeling of being fuller earlier and that leads to the sickness.  The second thing is that I am also being tested for Addison disease this is a problem with the adrenal gland and causes tiredness, vomiting, cramping and pins and needles, low moods and last but not least fatigue and no motivation more specifically in a morning.

But anyway guys I'm now off to sleep as I am feeling really tired. Tomorrow I will do a better magic up date and of course post lots of pictures.

Until next time
Amber Rose


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