Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true

Midnight Magic. 19th May 2015- The start of the Dream coming true
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Visiting Magic - 16th June 2015.

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So I went to see Magic again, I don't want to bore you all with the posts as not a lot really happened but I want to keep my own personal record of how things went with him, so that I can look back in the future and see what things I've done and how I got there. 

He's starting to get really curious about people, before when I used to get there he wasn't really bothered. When I got there this time he even neighed at me and it made my day, cause it means that he's starting to recognise me. When it was time to leave he also stood watching me go, but I really didn't want to go lol. He's starting to be interested in my camera bag, I left it on the floor the other day and I turned my back for two minutes and he'd got his nose in my bag looking around it, so I then sat down holding my camera and he kept wanting to come up to it and touch it. Then he'd realise I was holding it and change his mind. We also had a break through when it comes to me touching him, I started off by trying to stroke him and he wasn't having any of it, he didn't seem to like it when I moved my hand however he DID let me place my hand flat on his bum/back and hold it there for about 5 minutes before deciding to move. I was so buzzing about it and I got picture evidence!! So happy. 

Photos to come on the next post.

Amber Rose 

Visiting Magic - 13th June 2015

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So today I should have gone to ride Gatsby for my weekly saturday lesson, but last night we had a torrential down pour and the school ended up flooding. I was feeling majorly bummed because it means that it will be three weeks since I've rode Gatsby, when I next get on him, due to ill health and stupid weather. So I decided that instead of going to see Gatbsy I would go and see Magic, we didn't leave until later on in the day as the weather was horrible so I was hoping it would pass but it didn't, however by the time I got to yorkshire, it was quite dry there.

Magic was in his field with his mum, who hasn't actually got her name so I'm probably just going to call her M.M. (aka Magic's mum). Magic was having a drink off his mum when I got there, so I started off by giving him some space and letting M.M. approach me first, with Magic followingly slowly behind her. Magic was even more curious today than he had been on Wednesday, he was getting quite close to me, all though he was still out of reaching distance. However after being there for a couple of minutes he did let me place my hand on his back and just hold it there for a few seconds, then he'd shift and I'd moved my hand away. He did this about 4 times before wandering off to do his own things. M.M was a bit Grumpy today, but I am putting it down due to the stormy atmosphere that is going on at the moment. I didn't take that many photographs but thought I'd share these two photographs. 

This is a photograph of Magic at 22 days old, I love this photograph, because he just makes me laugh. He's starting to look really chunky, and it's amazing me watching how much he is growing even if he is less than a month old. It still seems surreal believing that he actually is mine.

This is Magic today at 25 days old, the difference that just three days makes really does amaze me, he's just changing all the time. I was going to do one of those fancy confirmation things that I see lots of people do when they're blogging but honestly? I don't understand how you do them, but hey if someone wants to let me know how to I'll do one :).

Until Next Time 

22 Days Old.

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Today my mum, Jack and I went to see Magic. It's a long drive so I only get to go every now and then, sort of once a week. He's growing loads, I am amazed by how quickly he's growing to be honest, I think he's going to be a big boy once he gets older. He's also really curious, every time I go and see him he's more and more interested in what I am doing and what I've got with me and it's just so much fun to watch him. The first time that I went to see him he wouldn't come anywhere near me, the next time he let me touch his nose, the time after that he let me stroke his back but then he would run away after. But today I decided to go with a different strategy, the weather was quite hot, so I chilled in the field, I just went there and switched between lying down in the field and sitting there, and that caught Magic's interest, he wanted to know what I was doing. Then after Jack had given Magic's mum a groom, and I'd given her some fuss, he let me stroke his back and this time he didn't run away. He let me do it about four times and then decided that he was tired and it was time for him to go to sleep. So he just lay down. 

22 Days old today, he's growing so fast, I'd love to know how tall he actually is at the minute. 

Amber Rose


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Well I figured while I was dog sitting what better time to update my blog? For those that have me on Facebook you'll know that I haven't been very well recently, exactly a week ago I was in hospital and on Morphine, unable to eat or drink without throwing up everywhere, with a high temperature and extremely bad stomach cramps. The hospital couldn't tell me what was causing the pain but have told me to take it easy and not do a lot. So for the past week I've pretty much been bed bound or when I do go out not going very far. But I have had my amazing boyfriend looking after me, honestly he's been great, he knows how to deal with me when I'm ill but also knows how to kick my ass in to gear when it needs it, and my mum who has also been amazing, she's had to put up with my bad moods and hasn't even complained. So as I know you read this. Thanks mum! I haven't rode in over a week because I should have had my lesson yesterday but unfortunately I just wasn't well enough to do it. So it got cancelled and moved to hopefully one day this week. 

Now on to the more exciting news MIDNIGHT MAGIC! He's doing really well, he's still not the worlds biggest fan of being touched but at only 19 days old I don't really blame him for that. Each time I see him I get to stroke him a little bit more but it is time and patience that will build that trust up with him, and that is only to be expected. I get frequent photographs and videos sent to me of him and I have been to see him three times so far, including the time that I decided to buy him, each time he lets me touch him a little bit more, at first it was just the tip of his nose and now he'll let me touch his bum. 

My boy at less than 24 hours old. 

Growing Quick, five days old.

This was the second time that I went to see him and he was eleven days old. He's very curious, and playful. Excuse the rubbish quality photograph it was taken on my phone. 

Selfie with my little man 

Always pulling faces lol, this was him at fifteen days old, and this was the third time that I have seen him,

I love this photograph of him, I am going to take my camera up when he's a bit older and get some proper photographs, only reason I haven't so far is he's quite spooky so I thought he might spook at the camera. 
So my dream has finally come true but now I have got so much more to learn and to understand about raising a baby horse! Honestly I really probably don't have a clue what I am doing but hey, it's a learning curve. I'll probably make mistakes but I'll learn from them and Magic and I will grow together! For those of you that want to see photo's of magic as I put them on, I'll update my Facebook quicker so if you want a link to it feel free to let me know and add me :). 

Until Next Time 
A Girl That's Dreams Coming True - Amber Rose