10. Walks out, dogs and relaxing.

Hi everyone,

I decided that I would start off writing this blog test while Im curled up in bed before sorting magic out later on today. At the minute I'm curled up with Angel, while the boyfriend chills on the playstation. To say he's obsessed with GTA I think is an understatement.
My gorgeous little puppy dog curled up in bed with me, Angel says she's a tired girly. 

This morning Jack and I woke up really early, for once we were awake before even my mum was up and that never normally happens. We stayed in bed watching TV until everyone was up and then it was time to go do magic and he was such a good boy. As I am still in extreme amounts of pain mum said that she would start mucking out magics stable, she put his head collar on and he was a very good boy for it. Then jack and I took magic for a walk.  We only went out for about 25 minutes but he was really good, he looked at a few of the scary things but he was calm and relaxed the whole way again. At one point he even let jack lead him as I was going quite dizzy, he still waited for me while we were walking but jack led him. He even got a small amount of trotting in hand, my man is not really a horse person but he is trying his best and he's learning loads. He does his best to help me with Magic when I'm not well and is getting more understanding toward horses. When we got back to the yard I tied him up and picked all four feet up, again he did this without having to be bribed. He got a bit impatient towards the end but he did let me do all four of them.

Tonight when I went back to magic he seemed very calm and dopey, not sure if I spelt that right. To be honest with you I think that magic had been a sleep most of the afternoon as there was a nice big horse sized/shape in his straw. I picked all four of his feet out again just to get him in to a better routine of having them done, then gave him a quick brush over with jacks help. He stood very quietly and calmly and did everything that was asked of him so I was super proud of the little pony. We then put him back in his stable with his feed for the night time and this is where I had the only slight problem. When I take magics head collar off out in the field he doesn't shake his head or anything like that, when I take his head collar off in his stable he tries to rush to get it off and starts shaking his head about and I'm not sure what there is that I can really do about this. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can stop this they would be greatly appreciated as I am really not sure what I can do about it to be honest with you.  But for now I'll leave you with a picture of Magic at tea time.

Until next time
Amber and Magic


  1. Chrome went through that stage. He didn't shake his head really, but he tried to pull out of the halter before I was ready. I started with just touching him on top of his head. If he moved or reacted I just kept my hand there (holding the top of the halter helps to hold it there, but don't get hung up in it if he jerks back or something). When he stopped moving I would removed my hand. Once I could put my hand there without him moving I started to move the halter, but not take it off if he's moving. It takes a while and some patience, but it works. Just break it down into tiny stages. Chrome is great with the halter, but still sometimes tries it with the bridle, but as soon as he moves I put the bridle back on and wait for him to be still. I only take it all the way off if he doesn't move. He needs a little more work, but it's improving. :)


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