15. In hand work and weight loss progress

Hiya everyone,

Well today has been a slightly better day. Although I can safely say that I am aching like mad now!! I spent the morning in bed with my man, I just felt like for whatever reason I needed to get some sleep. Then when I did wake up I spent a while reading my slimming world magazine, I also made a start on finishing the rug I'm making for magic I've got one more bit to do tomorrow and then it will be finished.

Then while jack went for his driving lesson. I went to see magic. When I got there he was lying down and didn't really want to get up but eventually he did do. I put his head collar on and we went up to the school. I was a little bit apprehensive as to how he was going to be in the school because obviously we did not end on a good note. But he was amazing, if anything he was a little bit subdued and quiet today. He walked next to my shoulder perfectly, other than when he tripped he didn't put a foot wrong. I then asked him to trot and while he was reluctant to do it. In the end he did trot  for me and he stayed next to my shoulder it got to the point where if I slowed down magic slowed with me and he was really good.  It got to the point where we were working as one not as two. He was trotting through puddles, halting and standing square when he was asked to. I wa so proud of the little pony and really happy with the work that he has done today.  As a treat as I know magic likes walking out we then went for a 10 minute walk out to just chill out and relax after he'd been so good.  I then popped him back in his stable and did some more work with his head collar. Tonight we even took his head collar off without any head shaking, we are slowly getting there lol. I'm now feeling knackered though.

The weight loss is going well, just before I go to sleep tonight I will take another screen shot of the fitbit tracker dashboard  so you can see the process that I am making.  Today I have done two workout one was for five minutes and I ran a minute, walked a minute for five minutes.  Then I had a 30 minute workout with magic, this involved lots of running and walking. While I will admit that I am NOT by any means a runner, I am trying to get in to running shape. I also think I'm going to try doing the couch to 5k challenge and see where I get from there.  My aim is to just be body confident and happy with how I look. I'm by no means the thinnest girl around and I don't want to be super skinny,  I still want to have my curves but I want to remove the weight from the places it's not supposed to be mainly my stomach And my thighs. I'm also doing much better at controlling what I eat and not comfort eating during the middle of the night.  While getting out of this habit has been hard I definitely thing that it will be worth it. I will leave you with my stats.

Until next time
Amber and magic


  1. I do the comfort eating in the middle of the night too! It sucks! Good job conquering that. :D You're doing such a good job with Magic. He's such a good boy.

    I tried the couch to 5k thing with me and Chrome together when I was trying to strengthen his stifles, but when the weather got bad I quit doing it because I didn't want to do it on pavement and I don't have an indoor arena or anything. I got out of the habit and never went back to it. I don't have the best track record with being consistent lol. Not to mention I hate running. Just don't like it at all. I hope you have better luck with it than I do!! I think the FitBit is helping keep you motivated so I'm glad you got one. :D


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