3. Hope, resolutions and a healthier Magic

Today is the 3rd of January and I'm sure that it's my third post of the year. I don't tend to make new years resolutions but this year I have made three, well I wouldn't call them resolutions but more goals to help me improve as a person. So below you will find my goals and how I plan on achieving them. 

  1. Lose weight\get fitter. I think that this is fairly self explanatory unfortunately when I get stressed I tend too either comfort eat or binge eat. Ill just start to be happy with my weight and then I'll get a snack attack. I also want to be healthier for Magic if I plan on doing in hand shows with him them I know I need to be more in shape than I am at the moment and just have better general health. 
  2. Snap less. Again this is a stress related when I get stressed or in pain I snap and take it out on people I care about, it needs to stop. This also means more patience another thing to help with magic. 
  3. Blog more!! Magic is growing so quickly and learning so much that time seems to just be flying by. I want to remember it all and I feel that the best way to do that is by using my blog again. 
Now on to the more interesting things, Magic is doing really well he has no puss coming out of his abcess anymore so he's now having a dry bandage on, also the split in his frog has almost fully healed. He's getting much better at standing for all 4 feet too be picked out. He loves his grooming sessions and just having lots of general loving. He's much calmer and is happier out in his field. He has a new next door neighbor who he isn't really bothered about. Magic now leads well in both walk and trot, although we still need to work on standing still as we are not very good at this. He's slowly growing and gaining \ maintaining weight. Im amazed at how quickly he learns and how intrigued he is to learn new things. Magic will let you put rugs on him although he doesn't always like it. 

Up until recently I have had a small amount of drama at the yard but today my mam has been absolutely amazing and sorted the drama out for me. Which has lead to me having a gorgeous horse to ride called Hope. She's a stunning, giant, 5 year old piebald who tries so hard to please anyone and everyone. I love her and will be riding her until she is sold. I feel so much happier knowing that everything has been sorted.  

But for now Im off to get some sleep, I'm on some quite strong pain killers that make me very sleepy. 

Until next time 
Amber and Magic


  1. I wish you luck on your goals!

  2. Sounds like you and Magic are forming a great bond! Can't wait to see how things progess with you and Hope as well.

  3. Sounds like you and Magic are forming a great bond! Can't wait to see how things progess with you and Hope as well.

  4. Thank you both, magic is great he brings out the best in me which isn't always easy. He puts his all in to doing what I ask him. And I always love how happy he is to see me.

  5. Those are great goals!! I'm the exact same way with the eating and snapping when I don't feel well. It's so hard to be nice when I feel so miserable. I've gotten better about it though and I know you can too. :D

    Magic is such a good boy! I'm glad you're enjoying the grooming and loving on him. This is the point where you build such an amazing bond. I loved those years on the ground that I just spent loving on and training Chrome. :)

  6. Thanks, while I know !y resolutions are all quite simple I know that some will be bass too stick to. I know I'll get there in the ends but I think that it will take a while.

    !magic is great it helps that he is such a fast learner. He relies on me so much amd I love the bond we are getting he knows when I just need him.


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