5. Playful ponies and pictures.

Well it is just me again. Magic went out in the field all day today. When I got there this morning I was greeted with my boy saying hello and his head hanging out of the door. I did his foot and gave him some fuss before it was time for him to go out. Now normally magic is really good to go out, but the past twice he walks as if he wants to go out and then stop and just refuses to move. I have no idea why he does this but one thing I do not let him do is win. He's starting to try and push his look now and that is the lastr thing that I want to let him do. I changed his foot again this morning and he was great for that he stood nicely and calmly and just generally chilled out.

Tonight I went to bring him in as he is a out all day and then in at night. He let me catch him first time and as soon as he saw or more heard me he came up to me. He's turning in to a very clever horse all though he gets impatient because he knows when he comes in that it is food time. He let me wash his legs off then pick up all for four feet and take his bandage off without being bribed. However when I did his foot i did give him some food just so that he would stand still and let me do it quickly. I then put his food in his stable and put him in for the night. I've decided that the main areas I need to work on are standing still, feet and taking his head collar off. He's a quick learner and has got some good manners but he is a baby that likes to try his look.

Now on to what I know you have all been waiting for pictures.

Tomorrow is a quieter day but then I am back in hospital on Thursday morning for some more tests to say that I am dreading it is a massive understatement. But hopefully I'll get some !more answers. I am also back on a diet to get myself healthier and fitter but also to become happier with my own body.

Until Next Time
Amber and Magic


  1. He is so adorable!! He sure grows a thick winter coat. So cute.

    I hope the tests went well. I'm getting caught back up on blogs so I'm reading, but I may not comment on all of the posts while I'm catching up. Sorry!


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