7. Vets, hospitals and relaxation

Well I'm currently sat in the back of the car on the way to hospital, my mum quickly put Magics food in this morning and now we're on the way to have my test done to see whether I have Addison Disease or not I can't say I'm particularly looking forward to it seen as I hate needles and this whole test is about having needles put in me, to say I'm dreading it is an understatement especially when I have hardly slept all night and I am in quite a bit of pain. However I thought I would use this time to update you all on my experiences of a certain vets in Derbyshire. You'll all know that I had to get another vet out to sort out magic after they came out well on Monday i took in the insurance claim form and asked them to fill it in, while at the same time booking Magic in for l his 2nd set of injections. I explained that id be paying with cash and that I knew his vet bills has not been paid, I was waiting for an email off my insurance company. Yesterday I recieved a phone call from  the snooty practice manager, who informed me that even though I was paying with cash magic would not be allowed his injections until the policy excess was paid. This was not what I was told on Monday and seen as I told them I was waiting for the insurance company to get back in contact with me. I then got called a liar and informed that her vets wouldn't possibly not tell her the truth.

Well that's the first part of my test done, the first part was a simple blood test, now I have to wait to have an injection of something I dont know what, then wait for 30 minutes and then have another blood test. THAT'S THREE NEEDLES, and you all know how much I hate needles.

After leaving the hospital I went straight to see magic, while I had fed him in the morning in had not got time to do his stable. While my mum and jack did his stable as I was feeling quite poorly, I gave him a brush and just a really nice groom and he was such a good boy. He was calm and he was almost falling asleep. The vets then came to do magic and she was lovely, she took her time with him. He's now had his second lot of injections and isn't due anymore injections for 6 months. While she was there she also checked his foot and said that she thinks his abcess is now fully gone and that he can go back to normally so that means NO MORE POULTICING and bandaging his foot. Later on I'll go back up to magic to give him his food and then we will either do a bit more grooming, some parelli or possibly some in hand and leading work in the schooling as he's not the best at this.

But for now I'm off to relax and rest, until next time.
Amber and Magic


  1. I'm glad Magic is better! Sorry you've been feeling bad and had to get stuck with needles. I hate needles too, but had to have blood drawn a lot for my thyroid (only once a year now, but it was a lot at first when figuring out my dosage). I used to almost pass out and cry, but now I just cringe and look away lol. That's an improvement lol.


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