8. Tidying up and chilled days

Today has been a good day it has been long but good and to be honest with you I haven't really done a lot. This morning magic got fed and then left for a little bit to eat his food. I then went back later on and turned him out in to his field this was after he was a really good boy and picked up all four of his feet with out having to be bribed and blackmailed. He let me clean them out and then spray on firstly a spray that helps to repair damaged feet and then a spray of pig oil that the vet suggested to use to repel some of the mud and protect his feet a little bit when he is out in the field. I also gave him a good groom but tomorrow I think that he is going to have his legs properly cleaned as he is in all weekend and I like having a pretty looking pony.

I then went home and did the jobs that I needed to do for example, cleaning out my wardrobe of clothes that I do not wear and sorting through books that I have already read and then getting rid of them. I then just generally tidied my room up and after I had done that I remembered to put today's pennies in to my collection. So far I am on day 8 of doing the challenge and I haven't missed a day which is saying something for me as normally by now I've got bored of it and just can't be arsed.

I then went back and got Magic in and he was a very good boy, he came up to me as soon as he heard his name. Then let me put his head collar on straight away and waited patiently for me to open the gate and start our minute walk back to the yard. He is slowly starting to get better with traffic,but that is to be expected when he has to walk next to the road to get to his field and his field is right next to the main road. He got another quick groom and his feet done again before going back in to his stable for the night where he has got a nice big bed with three big banks, a big hay net, and his night time feed.

But for me it is now time to go to sleep and just rest before a busy day tomorrow and my first lesson of the year.

Until next time
Amber and Magic


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