33. Twists and turns.

Well those of you that will have read my posts from yesterday will know that I had my meeting with path finders today unfortunately it did not go quite as planned, and in fact made the situation worse. The guy told me that there was nothing wrong with my head, that I was a troubled kit that was acting out and that I needed boundaries set in place which I already have. I told him I wasn't just some damn  text book like he seemed to think everybody was and everytime I tried to talk he would talk over me. I tried so hard to cooperate and go along with a treatment that I might not essentially believe in and unfortunately it turned out I was right. He was so patronising and made my head feel worse than before the appointment, I've even gone as far as putting a formal complaint in against him because I think that the way he treats people is bang out of order. I was more mad by the end of the meeting than I have been since any of this has even started. Everything he said he twisted, he'd change it in to some warped against omens twisted sense of what I had actually said and that drove me absolutely insane. I then had to go back in the afternoon for the boss in charge of that section to tell me that she will ring me on Thursday to tell me what decision has been made. I'm not overly hopefully that they are going to do any good but all I do know is that I can't keep taking the medication that I am on just to keep myself on a level as that is not the end solution.

Now on to magic, tonight was a mixed night with him,he was perfect the whole time I was in there putting his Haynet up, mucking out his stable,making sure everything was ready for the night before he has his night time fed and then it suddenly changed. I went to put his feed in the corner bucket and he exploded, he reacted in a way that I have never seen before and have no answer as to why he did it.  I was half way to putting his food in like I always do when he suddenly jumped forward and full forced bucked and kicked out hithing me straight in the stomach and on my hand. I have no idea where this reaction come from but I will get to the bottom of it. Gut feeling is telling me that at some point during the day someone who wasn't supposed to be in magics stable was in magics stable and that's caused it. This might sound like I am being paranoid but it's not just the fact that he did this but it's also the fact that his head collar and lead rope definitely wasn't how I left it. So for now it's a mystery but one thing I will be sure of is that I will get to the BOTTOM of the situation.

But for now I'm knackered so I'm off to bed.

Until next time
Amber and Magic


  1. That's awful!! Both things!!! I hope you are okay after getting kicked. That is such a weird thing for him to do and completely out of character. There has to be something going on...... I hope you can figure it out.

    So sorry the meeting went horribly. At least you know he's full of crap and don't take the things he said to heart. There are good therapists out there. It just takes time to find one. :(


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