34. A wicked day

Yesterday was an amazing day I finally felt like the dark tunnel that I had been in i was finally coming out of. I had my riding teacher come out to give me a lesson with magic as I felt like I just needed a little bit of a help to point in the right direction. She came out and said that I was doing a lot better than she had expected me to he doing and that I need to remember that he's not even nine month old yet so he is still a baby. She had me take him in to the school and show her what I would normally do. So I let magic off like I normally would do so she could see what he reacted like, and as predicted  he exploded. He ran around the school bucking and jumping all over the place. She then showed me how to start to teach him join up which I'll be honest I'm not the world best at but I will get better at because I'm going to keep working with him on it. She showed me how to send him away and then when to bring him back again. I found that by doing this I got a lot more respect from magic and he understood what I want off him more. After showing me how to do it she then got me to do it so she could see I'd watched properly and gave me a few pointers on where to improve. She then said to clip him back on to the lead rope but to keep it lose and asked me to show her how well I was doing with the friendly game. She was really happy with how I was doing with this so she then moved on to showing me the porcupine game. I'd already partly started teaching him this but he wasn't the world's best at. I'd only really been teaching him how to back up, Fiona asked if it was okay for her to have a go first and then I could have a go and she was really impressed with this backing up so she then moved on to doing the porcupine game by turning his head away from and turning his flanks away. Fiona got him to do it and then again asked for me to do it and he did it really well so we then started teaching him the yo-yo game and he slowly started picking it up. So she left me and told me that those where the things that I need to work on and then to get her to come out for another lesson when I feel like I have accomplished. I then gave him a good brush and a big fuss because you could tell that he was tired and that he had honestly tried his hardest.

After this I then put Magic to bed, and jack and I went to the pub and I just let my hair down for a bit. I had a good laugh with Jack and his family playing pool and just generally chilling out, having a few jack Daniels. It was a really good night and then I went home and chilled out in bed with Jack watching films and just having a relaxed to the end of the night. I'm working really hard to deal with the issues that are going on in side my own head and I feel that eventually I will get there. I haven't had an explosion, or kicked off in a long time and I feel like slowly im getting myself where I want to be. I've sat and reflected on my life and how things are going and realised that while yes there are some bad things going on there are a lot of plus sides as well. Like magic is doing really well, he's coming on loads and he really is showing how much of a good horse he is going to be. Magic is great and he's an awesome little horse and if that isn't a motivation to keep myself on the right track then I don't know what is.

There will be pictures later on, of Magic and i from today. He's a really good boy and I'm going to do my best by him to make sure he's the happiest that he can be. Enjoy the pictures later.

Until later
Amber and Magic


  1. Keep with that train of thought! That's what will lead to healing. I was so bad that I had to think of little things to be positive about such as I like my hair. I was so wrapped up in my negativity that nothing seemed like a positive. Once I finally started letting go of the negative and really paying attention I realized how many positives I had in my life. I finally realized that my family loved me even though they didn't understand me. I had to stop blaming them for that. They had never been through anything like what I was going through so they didn't understand my reactions. When I let go of trying to blame them, I quit being so defensive and things got better. When things seem really dark think of Magic. He will get you through it. It will be okay. I promise!


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