39. Testing day

Today has been a testing day it's been hard work tiring, a big fuck up (excuse the langauge) but I am so glad it's over with. I didn't sleep well last night but I got up at 8.1pam  to do magic. While I was doing his stable my mum and jack went to pick up some of jacka brothers stuff from his mum's house and thought that we were going to be dropping Josh off in matlock. When we got to matlock though we soon found out that the plans gad changed and he'd decided to stay where he was. Which aggravated me a bit as I had rushed to do magic but I wasn't really bothered because it was one less job to do.  I then had to go to the dentist (I hate them), and while I was on the way there I recieved a phone call from provation staying basically I was in major shit. My doctors had messed me about and decided to change my sick note without even telling me so they were then telling me that if I didn't turn up on Friday to do the unpaid work that at the moment I am to ill to do there would be a warrant out for my arrest so of course this was obviously quite a stressful day as we spent the whole day trying to sort this situation out and I am hoping that I have finally got myself in a position to be able to have everything sorted.

Magic then had his tea early and lots of fuss and love. Magic is slowly getting better at being around people when there is food that is involved but unfortunately he still has a temper tantrum every now and then about it. While my mum was giving him lots of love and attention I was mucking out his stable as I am quite fast at doing this and find it easier to do it than my mum does. Today he got a day off work as I have decided that he will work every other day.  Just to get him in to a routine of being worked but also having the time off time that he needs as the fact is that he is still a baby.
Oops I forgot to post this last night so here's last night

Until later
Amber and Magic 


  1. That all sounds awful (well other than Magic obviously)! Why are doctors such screw ups?? I thought it was just American doctors, but apparently not.... I hope it was sorted out okay.


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