40. Pancake Day.

Today is Pancake day and that makes me really happy because I love Pancakes. So I don't know whether it will be my mum or I that make the pancakes it will still be amazing so my question for all my amazing followers is what do you like on your pancakes?? My favourite and my boyfriend thinks it is insane is sugar and orange juice I know that might sound really strange but it is something that I really enjoy, I do also like things like chocolate spread, golden syrup and things like that. I also have a really sweet tooth so you can imagine for me this is just one of the best days of the year. It's AMAZING.

Now on to my actual blog post,  mum did magic this morning as even though I am on all my tablets, the stress of yesterday made it really hard to sleep but I did spend yesterday evening drawing you can see my drawing below.  But yeah mum did magic as I wasn't well.  My plan for magic this evening is to get him to do a bit of work, he still doesn't fully understand the join up method that I am teaching him,he is slowly coming to terms with it. I think he is doing really well and I am really happy with him. So we're going to doesn't me join up to get the fizz out of his system and then when that is done we will go back to doing some more work with the parelli games. He's picking these games up really well and is warming to them very quickly. I have even started using them to get past a slight behaviour issuethat we have in his stable this only happens when your putting his food in but it's not something that I am going to put up with but eventually he will have to learn and I am sure in time that he will do. At the moment when you put his food in he gets very defensive, and stamps his foot about. Twice though, I have put his food in and he's gone on the aggressive side and tried to kick me so I now take my parelli stick in the stable with me and make sure he stays out of my space which he doesn't really like. I'll time hen wait by his head for a few seconds when I put his food in and let him calm down. I'll then slowly move away and from the other side of the stable I will play the friendly game with him this is slowly making him much happier about people being near him with food. But anyway I'm off to read more of m monty roberts book so I will leave you ask to it.
A drawing that I did of a pretty rose :) 

Until  next time
Amber and Magic


  1. Oh wow!!! That drawing is incredible!!!!! I love it!

    Ugh I hate dealing with food aggression. I think you read about Rocky's issues. I don't like hitting horses, but since he was a full grown horse who knew better I knew he needed to be popped with the whip. I try to remind myself it's no different than being kicked by another horse. After a week of chasing him away from his food and only letting him eat when he stood quietly with his ears forward he's been perfect. I don't have any trouble with him at all.

    When Chrome was about Magic's age and started getting that way (not as bad... he didn't kick) I started making him back away from his feed and only let him have it when he stood quietly and nicely, so you're on the right track. He will get over it. Just make sure to always have the stick with you. I don't want you getting kicked again!

  2. Oh oops I forgot about the pancakes hehe. My absolute favorite is chocolate chip pancakes, but I also like just plain butter and maple syrup that most people here eat. Another one I like is strawberries and whipped cream. I have to put butter on them no matter what is on them though because I don't like them too dry. I love pancakes!!! I have a sweet tooth too hehe.


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