42. We did it!!

I don't think that I have ever been as proud of my little man as I am today. For those who have me on Facebook you will know that magic has always been a bit difficult about having his feet touch and it has taken me a hell of alot of hard work and patience to be able to pick up all four feet.  His back ones being the hardest, as he would kick out prance about, just be generally stupid. Eventually through using parelli I was able to touch and pick all four feet up.  While he has had his front feet trimmed twice he has never had his back feet done and I finally felt like he was ready to have all four feet done. Last night I was really really apprehensive about actually managing to do this today but as magic has a habit to do he proved to me that he could do exactly what I asked him to.

When Craig got there he was tied up,  he made the effort to fuss him and say hello to him and I explained the situation that magic has got with his back right leg.  Craig said that he would do both front feet first and then move on to doing his back feet but that he would do his good bad leg first. I said that this was fine and that we'd see how he got on. He picked up his front feet and held them beautifully for Craig. He got impatient towards the end but he did what he needed doing. I then showed Craig how if you asked magic to turn and face the other way so you could do his other side he would do this and he  was really impressed with this. He then moved on to doing his back feet,  and I was a little bit nervous but I kept breathing slowly and giving magic lots of fuss and he was amazing to say it was his first time. He got a bit impatient when it came to his back leg and tried to kick his leg out once. But other than that he was very good and Craig said that I was to carry on training magic the way that I am doing because he is so calm and like a completely different horse.  I took that as a huge compliment as we have had a rough tie recently but now that I've gone back to training him the way that I want to train him he is coming on in leaps and bounds if anything I think that this haa proved to me that I need to stick with training him how I want to because listening to other people caused us to have major steps back. Where as sticking with my gut instinct has caused magic to come on in leaps and bounds.

After Craig had gone I gave him some treats and some fuss and then took him up to the school. I let him off in the school and he did a few laps in canter but he wasn't overly stupid. I then asked him to do the join up but I could just tell that magic was tired so I didn't ask for to much of him, I let him do what he wanted we played a bit of the friendly game did a little bit of the leading and then I put him in his stable which had got a nice big fresh bed. He seemed happy with it and I'm sure when I go back later I'm sure he will be fast asleep. But now for some pictures for you all.

Magics silly face again. With my mum in the background. 

My boys pretty feet I am so proud of my little man. 

This is magics silly face but even that looks so cute.  

One of my favourite photos i think it just shows the gentle look that he has got.  

Front feet trimmed but dirty after a play in the school 

Magics back feet after they have all been trimmed. Very happy and proud of my little man. 
Until next time
Amber and Magic


  1. Yay!!!! Good boy Magic!! See all your hard work is already paying off. You've brought him so far already. Always trust your gut with your boy. Don't listen to other people who think they know better. You know when to go to your trainer if you need help, but I think you're doing a fabulous job with him. :)


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