43. Barn Drama

I've finally gotten to the point where I have had enough, of interfering busy bodies. On sunday Magic and I will be making a big but very difficult move am i worried about it? yes. Do I KNOW that I'm making the right decision for both me and him? Yes. 

Yesterday I had major problems, I've been doing the join up with Magic and the school and had come to the agreement with Donna who own's the yard that this was acceptable as long as he did not paw the ground, chew on the fences or role. Which I had said that I was fine with. Then yesterday I got an arsey, snobby message of the yard owner in front of everyone on the yard saying that I was in the wrong, and that I should know Magic is to not do this in the school. I explained the situation and got called by another livery rude and then the yard owner denied ever having the conversation with me, making me out to look like a right mug. I then said this very politely and had one of the other liveries giving me abuse all over whatsapp and then another one slagging me off. For the past couple of weeks since one person in particular told me to sell Magic I've been having nothing but problems with them. I know for a fact people have been using my stuff behind my back and that someone has been interfering with magic and I think that it's bang out of order. 

So yesterday afternoon I spent nearly three hours to find another yard that will have him, as no-one really wants him because he's a colt, and because he's a baby. Eventually I struck Gold, a lovely lady called Lynn (I hope I'm spelling that right), spoke to me and said that she had got a space available but was a little bit wary about the fact that he was still a colt. She showed me around the yard and we talked, there is 13 acres, a cross country jumping field, all year turn out, it's a mixed herd, there is an outdoor school, and my stable is massive with a tack room! Honestly to me I think that it is perfect for him. There is 24 hour cctv, electric gates that you can only get in using a key. It really is amazing and I feel like Magic and I will be able to improve so much more here and that he will be so much happier there and at the end of the day that is what really matters to me. 

So tomorrow I am packing all his stuff up and taking it up to the new yard, and then very early sunday morning, I will be making the three mile roughly walk to get Magic to the new yard. As because of the short and urgent need it hasn't been possible to get Magic any transport. I am sure that he will be a bit confused but I know that he'll set in to a happier routine there and that will reassure my mental issues. 

I saw my doctor today and they prescribed me anti-depressants and said that I need to take them in the morning as they are sort of an upper where as all the other medication that I am on is a downer. Unfortunately these will take a while to kick in but I am sure that we will be fine in the end. I spoke to her and she resolved the issue with the sick note, and that I need to start coming down off the tablets that I am on as they are long term addictive and she doesn't want me to be in that addicted situation. 

But for now I am off to sleep as I em exhausted and got so much planning to do before tomorrow and Sunday, if anyone has any advice then please fell free to leave me a comment but for now i'll leave you with this funny snap. 

This is just a normal day in the life that is Amber and Jack, we do weird and random things. We provide entertainment for others but at the moment we just enjoy ourselves and have a little bit of a laugh and a giggle. 

Until Next time 
Amber And Magic 


  1. LOL that picture is awesome!!

    I had read on FB or somewhere that you moved Magic, so I was expecting this post and to be honest after catching up I'm so relieved you decided to do this. I don't like the thought that someone might be messing with him behind your back... that's one of the big reasons I'm scared to board. Ugh. I hope he's loving the new place!

  2. Aha we do take some random photographs. I'm so glad to have him away from there the move had been coming for a while so I'm glad that he is away from there now


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