45. The move

6.45am - I got woke up, I was not happy to be woken up, I'd been dreaming about this move the whole night and I was beyond exhausted. I didn't go to sleep until quite late and then I was up, I'd set out all my clothes the night before for me and Jack so that we could just get up in the morning and go. 

7am - Got to the yard, NOBODY was there which was exactly the way that I wanted it to be. I mucked out his stable at the old yard for the last time ever. I made sure that the stable was really clean and that I hadn't left anything in it. I loaded up the last few things in the car and we were ready to go. I received a lovely text from my riding teacher saying good luck today and that she knew that I would be fine, this gave me a real confidence boost as my riding teacher knows me better than anyone (horse wise) and she believed in me. Along with my mum, dad and boyfriend. 

Do you think we had enough hi-viz on I was taking no chance that magic was going to not be seen. I needed him to be seen from a distance because the backroads were just so horrible in between his old yard and his new yard. 
7.29am - time to hit the road. To start with he was a bit spooky but I think this was because he was picking up on my nerves however once I had calmed down and chilled out and was just talking nicely to jack while we were walking along Magic was fine. He was such a good boy although you could tell when he was getting tired towards the end. He started walking slowly and just rubbing his head on me and he was just being really friendly and nice. It was cute to just see. It took us 1 hour and 8 minutes and we walked 3.2 miles. Jack walked every step of the way with us, which i'm greatful for. I'm also hugely greatful to my mum and dad for driving behind us with hazard lights on to make sure that he is okay. 

Magic and the view from his stable. This yard is clean and tidy, everything is organised and where it's supposed to be. Magic looked tiny in his stable, but he also looks a lot happier even in this picture. 
8.37am - Arrived at the new yard. We got there and Lynn had opened the electic gate for us. I tied magic up outside his stable and took all his hi-viz off which I Think he was relieved to have off. I then put him away in his tack room. Jack took his leg things off and he was happy to let him to do it. I then gave him a really big fuss before putting him in his new stable. He looked tiny in it compared to his old stable, he was so much happier. I was even able to put his food in and wander around while he was eating it. I'm so proud of this amazing little man. 
Part of our view from our walk today.  Magic in all his hi-viz (I even managed to get a little bit of pink in), and the lovely countryside beside him you could even see the sun starting to rise behind him, it really was lovely. 
I decided to leave him on his own to just settle in, in his own time because I didn't want to drastically change his routine at the moment. He is in a nice happy settled routine, and he knows what's done when. I have no changed this routine by making it so that he's in a completely new and strange place, so I want to keep everything else as similar as possible. 
My view of my boy in his stable from my little tack room, I plan to get a chain that goes across the door way so that I can leave that door open and magic won't be able to get any, Magic is an amazing horse and really has done me proud, He'll be getting lots of fuss later on.
I popped in to see Fiona today as well, and spoke to her because since I've had Magic he has been on hay, however now that he is at the new yard he has been put on haylage. Which is fine, but I wasn't sure how he'd react to it so Fiona and Zoe suggested that I put him on the pink powder haylage balancer. This would make it a smaller chance of making Magic to hyper or out of control but will also reduce the likely hood of him having an upset stomach until he gets used to it. I have never had any experience with pink powder so I am not sure how he is going to react to this I am hoping that he will be fine with it but only time will tell. As I have had no experience with Pink Powder I was wondering if any of you guys had and could give me some opinions on how it's worked for you guys. I am so proud of this super little man, he's really exceeded my expectations and he will definitely be getting lots of love and fuss later on. 
A view from part of our walk. While the work was hard work and I probably wouldn't chose to do it again, I also know that I can do it now, which means that Magic and I will be out and about walking more (no where near as far but just wandering about every now and then). Or I might take Angel. 
The plan for the rest of the day is at about 1pm I'm going to go up and check on magic, give him a brush and some fuss and just see how he is doing and hope that he's okay. I'll give him lots of love and just make sure he looks pretty. I will then leave him to it and then at the normal time that he would get fed at I will go back up play a little bit of the friendly game with him and then give him his night time feed. Magic is a great little horse, and today has just proven to me that dedication and putting my mind to something really does mean that the skies limits but for now I'm off to get some sleep before going to see Magic at 1pm. 

Until Later 
Amber and Magic :) 


  1. Thank you, feels amazing to be away from the negativity :D, and there is definitely a big difference with Magic

  2. We don't really have haylage over here so I can't really help with that. Sorry! I hope he adjusted to it well.

    I bet he will be less food aggressive in the bigger stall. Claustrophobia can make some horses more defensive. I'm sure he's loving it. :D

    Being away from the negativity at the old barn is going to be great for him and you!! You don't need that in your life. Congrats on a successful move!

  3. It's doing me the world of good being at the new place where there really is just positive vibes and no bad attitude plus I feel like I'm in a much more supportive environment.

    Now that he has gotten used to the haylage he's okay it made him fuzzy a couple of days while he was getting used to it but now that he's use to it he's gaining weight better and much calmer but he's also been having the pink powder in his feed


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