48. I need to vent

Okay guys so I need some opinions but I also need to vent, so figured that here was the best place to do it as my facebook is being spied on so I can't really put on it what I want to put on it. But I'm keeping those certain people on there so they can see just how well my little boy is doing instead of constantly putting him down, and if they're reading this well tough. This is the only place I can really put what I am thinking and what I am feeling without being judged by social media, arghh the joys but back to the point. 

The small minion with the massive baby! 
Monday - As you'll know Magic was doing really well, he went in the school to let a little bit of steam off that evening and my little nephew came up to see him. So he was on his best behaviour. I trust that horse 100% and Brody (with me stood inbetween him and magic) even managed to lead him (holding the very end of the lead rope). I've got pictures that I will show you guys later on. In the school he was amazing, he was a little bit grumpy about his food but nothing that was too out of control. 

'What the hell is that small creature' don't think Magic really knows what small children are, definitely a what the hell moment. 
Then we move on to yesterday, as soon as I got there I could see all the energy that had been building up so my mum and jack took him down to the school to let off some energy while he was doing some join up. While they were doing that I decided to do his stable with Brody's help he then came back up to the stable and I tied him up outside where everyone gave him a fuss and some loving and gave him a good old brush. Which he really did love. I then left him for the day because I want to keep his routine as similar to possible, I know it's going to take him a while to settle in to his new home so I don't want to change to much, and he's already had a big change in going from Hay to haylage. I then went up last night and you could see again that he was full of energy (well until he's dropped (one of which has the other one hasn't), his balls) he's not able to go out as it's a mixed herd which I'm fine with. Again mum and jack took him in to the school, while I was sorting his stable out and then here comes the fun part. I went to give him his food and he was pacing around in his stable wanting it, I gave him it and then did exactly what i've been doing for about a week now which he is slowly getting used to and started playing the friendly game with him. Then out of no where I got a back leg straight in to my stomach, which I was not happy about at all, and he knew it. So i came out the stable to get my breath back and then went back in to close his tack room door and lock it, a firm 'MOVE YOUR ARSE NOW' and the use of my carrot stick kept him well away from me. Now clearly this is still something I need to work on. My riding teachers opinion is he is finding it as a game and I need to break him of the habit. My opinion is the same but also that the haylage may not be helping and also that he is playing a game and I need to get him out of the habit, it is just how we manage to do this. 

For now I'll leave you with some pictures.
My big man, showing my little man, what to do on my fluffy man! 

Just look at that shiny coat, my pretty fury baby! 

100% trust in this pony to NEVER hurt a child, in fact to NEVER hurt anyone intentionally! 
Until Next Time 
Amber Wagner 


  1. Well dang!! It sucks that he is still pulling that crap. :( I hope his balls drop soon so he can be gelded. That's part of the reason it took so long to geld Chrome because he had one that wouldn't drop (and then there were other issues with money and flies in the summer that kept putting it off). I forgot that he's a colt. That would explain some of the attitude. I'm sorry you got kicked again. I hope you are okay!

  2. He's been much better since this I don't think we have really had any incidents to be honest... but he is much happier now that he is out in the field with the rests just wish that his sodding balls would drop so that he could go.


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