50. Massive improvements oh and happy nine months.

Today there has been massive improvements on my little boy, I'm so proud of him and the accomplishments that he has made. Magic's not a perfect pony but he certainly is trying his hardest at the minute. As you'll all know from my post yesterday he DID send me to A&E but that was due to the treatment that he received at his old yard. Since moving Magic has been able to trot and walk in hand, in the trot he does get a little bit excited. Play the three parelli games that he has learnt so far, be polite when picking his feet up and is getting better with his food. 
Playing the friendly game with magic while he eats his food, my aim was to jsut get him used to people being around him, so far he is reacting really well to this game. 
This morning I bought Magic out of his stable and he had absolutely trashed it, it was a complete and utter mess. Which is nothing new for him, he'd got a hay net up that Lynn had put up for him as I was feeling poorly so overslept this morning. When I got there he was being his normal impatient self and I was feeling quite achy. Jack was being quite nervous with him after seeing him kick me but I know in time he'll be back to normal, but Magic still picks up on this nervousness. While my mum and boyfriend groomed him I decided that it was time to do his stable, and I basically took all his bedding out and then put him a new bed down. The minute I went in the tackroom at the back I could see that Magic just really wanted his food and that he was being impatient and grumpy and because I was feeling a little bit weaker I put his food in first. I then went in to the stable with Magic and undid his head collar, so that Magic could go to his food however he had to go to his food quietly and politely, which I didn't think that he was going to do but he did. Then when he went over to his food he was to keep his bum away from me and all I really had to do was point the carrot stick at him, and he moved his bum away from me, he then stamped his foot, and bucked a little bit so he got reprimanded with the carrot stick. This then kept his bum of by the wall for a while. I then went through the stage of playing the friendly game with him and then when I had played that I moved towards him slowly and stroked him and he was happy to let me. After doing this, I moved away and then repeated the process for a couple of times before leaving him to himself. 
Just chilling with magic in his stable while he eats his food, trust me when I say that this is a major improvement compared to normal. 
This afternoon there was a change in game plan, Lynn had been thinking about the situation that Magic was in and she feels that he can go out with the herd itself, so for a few days Magic has changed his stable. He's now in the corner getting used to seeing the rest of the horses because the two that he was with at the top of the yard are all really used to him. So he's now getting used to the other five horses. There's only three mares in the yard, one that is to old to stand any chance of becoming pregnant, one that is basically just to tall for him to reach, and one that is Lynn's horse and is also quite tall but she has said that if it happens and she'd keep it. Obviously she would rather that it didn't happen but if that situation happened that would be the solution. I then got to put Magic out for a few minutes in the field on his own just to let some steam off which felt really nice, as Jack's sister had come with me to meet Magic (she's a huge horse fan), she said it was really nice to just see him running around the field playing. I sat and watched him for a while and then decided to bring him in as you could see that he was ready to come back in again. He only had about 20 minutes out but he was happy to just stretch his legs a little bit. I then put him in his new stable and I was a little bit nervous but to be honest the majority of the time the bigger horses just ignored him, or they'd squeal or bite Magic if he got to much in their face. Which was really interesting to watch as I've never really seen a horse being introduced to a herd. 
Stroking the baby boy's neck while he was chilling in his stable eating his breakfast this is a massive improvement for Magic and I am so happy with the work that we are doing together. Slowly but surely he will get there but that is fine and I am really happy with him.
I then left him in his stable to chill for a little bit before putting his feed in later in the day after I had dropped Shan off. He was a really good boy and didn't even kick out once, all I had to do was point at him and he moved his bum over and that is what I like the most. He really is coming on in leaps and bounds and I feel like honestly this is all that I can ask for him. He's gone through a lot of adjustments and I will try my hardest to keep him happy and safe. He is my main priority. He's a big fury baby but he is my fury baby. So for now I'll leave you with this picture, which I really like :) 
My sweet, sweet boy looking and chilling these are two of the herd mates that he would be going out with and is hopping to get used to by being stabled with them, he looks so small compared to them. On the left is Stan and on the right is Murphy's law. 
I almost forgot but my baby boy is officially nine months old today!! Can't believe how fast the time is going that we have together, he's a great little horse and he's going to make an amazing horse to ride, he's not what everyone would pick but he is what I would pick again, I would NEVER change the decision of having him. We have our moments but at the end of the day we make a pretty good team. 

Until Next Time 
Amber and Magic 


  1. He is the perfect horse for you!! You're going to have so much fun with him. :D He's going to be so much happier when he can get out in the field. I'm glad she's letting him out. I know it's technically possible for him to get a mare pregnant, but hopefully at this age it's highly unlikely. He's growing so he needs to be moving around. Maybe that will encourage his other testicle to drop so you can geld him hehe.

  2. He has now been gelded! Which is a huge relief means there can be no un planned babies although lynn had said if there was we could keep it which i suppose could have been super cool! He's loads happier now that he is turned out the majority of the time :)

  3. That's great that he's gelded now! That will be less stress for everyone. When I had Chrome done I didn't think I would see that much difference in him, but I did. :) Turn out definitely helps too. Not having turnout makes for very unhappy babies.


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