51. No Pain, No Gain.

This has literally been me today, my mum did Magic this morning as she does him every morning when I have a riding lesson (So really just saturdays). My riding lessons have also now moved to 10am instead of being in the middle of the day. My ribs were killing me and I hadn't really been sleeping very well but I knew that I just needed to get on with it as the old saying goes no pain, no gain. I went up for my lesson with Magic and it was really really good. I enjoyed riding him. We did quite a bit of canter work and Fiona says that my dressage level is in between intermediate and medium. I could ride a prelim test with ease and she thinks that I will slowly be moving up. We did lots of work on getting Gatsby to actually work in a canter in the outline, which hasn't been easy but it was fun. Even though my ribs were killing me because they were in spasm it was a lot easier for me to keep my position in the right place so while I hated the pain it actually worked out really well for me :). We did figure of 8 canter transitions, in the middle of the school we would come back to halt, rein back four strides, hold still for a few moments and then pick up the canter from walk. He soon started to predict this but when he got to this point we changed it and just picked different points to canter at. 
Magic out in the field, he's such a happy boy these days :) 
After I had rode Gatsby, I took Jack to work and then I went to see Magic. I gave him some fuss and love but I was starting to really hurt so once I had done this I popped him out in the field on his own for a few moments. He was out for about 10-20 minutes but you could see that he wanted to come in so that was fine and I bought him back in before going home and getting some sleep. 
Making friends or at least trying to, I'm sure we'll get there one day :) 
After doing that I went back up to feed Magic, I'll be honest I didn't really do a lot with him today as I was just to tired and in fair to much pain. I did some of the parelli work with him but we need to get better at the 'back' part of the porcupine game when we are in the stable. As he tends to just want to ignore that but we will work on it. We might not be perfect but we are slowly getting there. I then put his food in and friendly gamed him for a little while so that he could get used to the feel of it. I then needed to put his new hay net up and where he is in the stable is a little bit hard to get it up without being cornered by him. So i was a little apprehensive as to what he would do, but I will give him the credit that he was AMAZING! yes he stamped his foot but he didn't try and kick and when asked to move over he did move over so I was really proud of the little scruff ball. Like i've said we might not be perfect but damn we're trying our best. But for now I'll leave you with this picture. 
Part of the herd that he will be going out with all posing nicely, then there is magic hiding away he does make me chuckle :) 

Until next time 
Amber and Magic 


  1. Hehe that last picture is so cute. It's okay to give him a day off when you're hurting too much. I've learned that it's better for me to not try to work through pain most days because it never goes well lol.

  2. I've noticed that, when i'm having a day where I am warn out and tired and in lots of pain i never get the results out of magic that I want to, so i just have that day off and start again the next day :)


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