59. Yes, I am still alive :)

Tomorrow I will come up with a more detailed post about what I have been up to but for tonight I am absolutely shattered. The last few days have been tiring and long but also immensely rewarding and fun.  My boyfriend passed his driving test so this then of course bought on a road trip which turned in to a three day stay in Norfolk right by the beach front. It was quite and chilled out but I missed my little pony, but today I got to see him and he was such a good boy. He's hurt himself a few times recently by just being stupid really or annoying the herd but he's getting better. He's now out with a herd all day or the majority of the days anyway. Tonight he got lots of fuss and cuddles and kisses and he seemed really happy but he also seemed really tired he was good while I put his food in for him and he's just been a really good boy. I'm suser proud of how well he is coming on. I have got pictures but honestly I'm to tired to write much more than this, so I'll update you all properly tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like a nice time away even though missing our horses is always on our mind sometimes its good to get away. congrats to your boyfriend :)

  2. It was nice and I did really enjoy it, the place was stunning, the weather was pleasant it was just a really nice chilled out time. I missed magic like mad, it was like there was a big whole in my life of those few days. He's the most insane but best decision I ever made, AND I 2ouldnt change him or trade him in for the world. He's mine and that's where hell be staying for his whole life.. xxx

  3. How is your dad?

    Congrats to your boyfriend!! That's exciting. Going on a road trip is so fun, but yeah it's hard to leave a baby horse at home. I was the same way the first time I had to leave Chrome. :)

    I'm so glad he's loving his time out in the herd. So happy!

  4. I hated leaving magic, i hate it when I don't even see him for one day, i know that it sounds stupid but he really is like my baby, he's like having a kid that just wants loving and feeding :)


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