63. Horrible weather but lots of time with my midnight magic

Yesterday was a long day and I just completely forgot to get around to posting it so I'll post this now because even though it's 5.48am, I'm lying in bed wide awake but God knows why. Within about 30 minutes of waking up jack and I were up and about and ready to go out and do the jobs that we need doing. One of the main good points about Magics new yard is that he goes out with the rest of the herd.  And part of the deal that was made with loan was that she'll put him out and bring him back in so that he never really goes out on his own, seen as he normally goes out at about 9.30 am it means that i don't really see him in the morning and I get a bit of a lie in. But the first job that I do when we go out is go up to the yard and muck his stable out so that he has a nice warm bed for when he gets in. I'll also sort his feed out for the next two feeds but I will only add water to the one that he'll have that night.
Kisses from the pony face.

This morning when I got up to do magic I was actually really surprised to see him. Normally he'll be out in the field and I won't see him until evening time but yesterday the whole herd was at the top of the field just sort of waiting to come in. As soon as I got out my car he left the herd and stood right next to the gate but I tried to ignore him because I wasn't sure when they'd be coming in so I didn't want to wind him up. I got on with muckin out his stable and about half way through doing it Lynn came out saying that she was going to bring all the horses in. So I quickly finished doing what I needed to do so that Magic could come in out of the wind and rain. I then left him to his own devices while I went out to do a few jobs and get some sleep.
Soaking wet and ditched pony after he came in from the field this morning. Don't think he was to impressed with me taking pictures while it is raining and he's waiting for his Haynet 
  When I came back that evening the wind was quiet high and it was absolutely chucking it down so because of where he gets tied up i quickly timed him while i put his Haynet up and his food in his feed corner because are still working on his issues to do with feeding but I think that we will get there in the end it's just a slow process but we are both willing to take the time to get him to where I would like him to be. When I gave him his food there was a massive debate about whether he was going to stand still for me to take his head collar off or not, but eventually he stopped shaking his head and stood still so i let him off Lynn had offered to do magics feed for the night time and give it him but inm said no it was fine as I juse enjoy seeing the ponys face far too often. His heads always there just waiting to see him,and he always looks really happy to see him and that it all I need right now. We aren't perfect but we are perfect for each other and that's all that matters. But for now it's 6.10am and I'm ready to go back to sleep so I'll leave you with some pictures.
It's those ears they just make me laugh.  
my sleepy bundle of cuteness. 

Until next time
Amber and Magic


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