64. horses, sleep, eat, repeat :)

I feel crap, I can't think of any more effective words than that to be honest. I'm tired, in pain and feeling light headed. My medications have all changed and to be honest they just really mong me out, so all day I feel sleepy and tired and like I just can't really wake up. However if I don't take the tablets then I don't get the sleep that I need which also drives me insane. So it's sort of a lose/lose situation, from those of you that read yesterdays blog post you will know that it was written at roughly 6am this morning, again also not a good sign. However I then slept for a few hours until sort of 11am this morning so that doesn't really help. 

When I finally got my arse out of bed I went to do Magic's stable and decided just to get it over and done with, while I do this, I'll muck his stable out, sort his feed out for that night and put the water in. Then put his feed for the next time in the bucket ready along with his pink powder. Jack will then fill the haynets up that Magic has emptied and then I will finish off his stable by adding any extra straw that he may need. Today Magic was stood up by the school so when I had finished doing all the jobs I popped down to see him and give him a little bit of fuss. Which he seemed to appreciate. But then when it was time for me to go he just wanted to stand by the gate and come in, so I just walked off and ignored his neighing as he needs to learn that his herd mates are who he should stay with but of course it was a nice feeling to actually no he'd rather spend time with me. 

This evening my mum fed Magic as I was just way to tired and in to much pain, I'd spent the majority of the afternoon asleep at jack's brothers flat, and just didn't feel well at all. I'm also dreading having to go to the dentist tomorrow. But for now I can't think of anything else to tell you my life is quite boring after all, so for now i'll leave you with some pictures. Enjoy :) 

Pony out in the fields with his two 'best friends' Murphy's Law and Stan :) 

My pretty boy says hello mummy, I'm glad you came to see me. I really do love this pony, he's taught me so much, and there's so much more to come.

Pretty pony face! He looks so sleepy, I think you can tell that he's growing again at the moment :) 

Until Next Time 
Amber and Magic 


  1. Can that halter go any tighter? I think it's too far down on his nose, on the soft cartilage instead of the bone. It's really cute on him though!!

    To help with my insomnia I had to start setting an alarm and making myself get up and stay awake all day so that I would sleep at night. It was so hard and I got very little sleep the first few nights. I didn't have other health things going on though. Your infected tooth and everything is going to make you more tired than normal. :( Setting an alarm and waking up at the same time every day is what helped with my sleeping the most though. I can't sleep during the day no matter how tired I get or how bad I feel or I won't sleep at night. It's so annoying!! I hope you're able to sleep soon.

  2. I did fix his halter in the end! I wasn't sure that it was right but it had been lynn that was popping him out and I was just bringing him in when I got there.

    I'm getting slightly better sleep these days i still don't sleep until like three and four in the morning some days and i still nap occasionally but my doctors said I've just got to do what I need to do to be able to get the sleep that i need if that makes sense :)

  3. It does make sense. I'm the same way. If I can get some extra sleep I do it even if it means messing up my schedule. Adequate sleep is very important. I'm glad you're sleeping better. :)


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