65 and 66. Dentist trips, Snow, Gatsby and needing to sleep!

Well this post is going to be two days in one, it might not be the worlds longest, as those of you who have me on facebook will know that I am having quite a few health problems. But I'm trying to just keep going so I'll start with day 65 (which I was half way through writing last night and then ended up deleting it like a complete and utter mong)! As you do. 

4th March 2016 

Yesterday was a quite day, I wasn't feeling very well and was really tired and I had to go to the dentist which in my mind is never really a good thing but it's one of those things that you have to do so I just get on and do it. I got up at about 11am as recently you'll know that I am not sleeping very well, so I end up sleeping in during the day and just get myself in to a really bad sleeping routine which isn't good for me at all. But the first thing that I did was go and clean out Magic's stable, by the time I had got to the yard it had started to snow and I really wasn't happy about it all. Snow and I as you all know do not go together and also magic didn't like it as it was quite windy, so that didn't go down very well at all! When I'd finished doing his stable I got his tea ready for that night and then I gave him a groom. He's been surprising me a lot recently by the fact that when he comes in from the stable he isn't completely and utterly ditched, so it's not that hard to get the mud off him. I then decided because the temperature was just dropping loads and the weather wasn't that nice to just pop him a nice light weight sheet on as he didn't feel particularly warm so I thought it was better to give him a bit of something.
Shaking because of that horrible white stuff that falls from the sky! Neither magic or I are a fan of it :( 
After we'd finished here Jack and I went for our morning routine at the shop near Magic and got a YOP! Now i've always said to jack I don't like them (mainly because I thought they were only strawberry flavoured) but I have finally found a shop that sells them that does them in a raspberry flavour to so I have to take it back and admit that it is quite nice. We then went to visit Jack's uncle that we do not see very often, and have a catch up and a chat with him, and I ended up talking to his Aunty Beth for quite a while who was really nice and knows quite a bit about horses. She also started talking to me about Tarot cards and spirituality which is something that I have taken a great interest in to recently. By this point the snow was quite heavy and looked like it was going to settle but it didn't, so after this we went to the dentist and then just chilled for the afternoon. I always thought that dentists were supposed to make you feel better but my dentist just made me feel a whole lot worse, because of how deep the filling was that I needed to have (it was almost down to the root) she has warned me that my tooth will be more painful before it gets less painful. 
The pony boy out in the field his head blocks the view of stan and Mur who were protecting him out in the background.

5th March 2016

Today has been an okay day. I didn't sleep very well last night and was waking up pretty much every 20 or so minutes, so I woke up with a really bad headache and ended up trying to give in on sleep at about 8.30 this morning. So I felt really groggy from the moment that I woke up, Jack then took me up to riding and dropped me off after we had been to the shop which I was fine with.  I then got on Gatsby and this is when I Started feeling worse, my tablets decided to kick in while I was starting to ride him so about 30 minutes in to riding I started to feel really poorly, I was getting dizzy starting to feel sick, and I could just feel waves of tiredness hitting me so even though we only rode for about 25/30 minutes I was just greatful to be back on Gatsby. In the riding that we did do we did bits of Walk work and trying to really get Gatsby in to an outline. He was dropping in to it really nicely so I was gutted that I didn't feel well enough to carry on. We worked mainly on a circle getting Gatsby to flex off my inside hand.

My mum put me in this stupid rug that I really do not like but she says it makes me 'warm' I think she just wants to make me look daft! 
Magic is currently out in the field, Lynn took his rug off this morning (as he has never been out in the field with a rug on him), and put him out this morning. So when my mum gets back from doing her jobs I'm going to ask if we can either go up and do his bed before he comes in or just wait and do him all in one today. It does mean that for about 30 minutes he'll be standing in a messy stable but he doesn't really trash it at the minute, he just sought of rolls in it and spreads it out every where and then refuses to pooh in his bed so poohs right by the door. So i'm not sure which I will be doing but for now I feel like this post is getting really long so I'll leave you guys with some pictures. :) 

Magic says he's the main attraction BUT in the background you can just see his protectors! He's such a cute little boy, I do love the pony even when he does forget his manners. 

Until Next Time 
Amber and Magic 


  1. I hate going to the dentist. I get really anxious. :( I hope your tooth felt better really soon.

    That sucks that you couldn't really ride Gatsby, but since he was being good the short ride was a nice reward for him. :)


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