67. A chilled out day

Today has been a quiet normal day, I didn't really do a lot. I got woken up this morning and then went to see Jacks brother for a while. Once I had time to wake up properly I headed up to do Magic, I mucked his stable out, while Jack and Josh filled the haynets (bonus for me as I HATE filling haynets)! After we had done this we just chilled to be honest, I spent the majority of the day in and out of sleep, but when I was awake I started reading a new book that I had got. The new book is based all on Tarot, this is something that I am finding myself really interested in. I've always loved the look of that sort of thing but never really got in to it but in the end I thought that it was really interesting, now I know that a lot of people would find this sort of thing really weird but I find it really interesting. 

This evening I went to see Magic and give him his food, I didn't do a lot with him because to be honest he just looked really sleepy, so I put him his food in gave him another hay net and left him to it. He was very calm and chilled out and it was lovely to see. 

Now i'm at home chilling watching Judge Judy about to have my tea so for now I'll leave you guys to it. 

Until Next Time 
Amber and Magic 


  1. I don't think Tarot is weird. My mom has some cards that we mess around with sometimes. :)

    It's nice to have a chilled out day every so often just to recover from the stress. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I'm getting really in to tarot and all that kind of thing, I don't know why, i've started researching Wicca, and all those kind of things but it's something i don't know a lot about but i'm hoping to one day :)


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