68. Being big kids for the day

Today was a quieter day than I have had recently the first thing that I did when I finally woke up at around lunch time was go and sort magics stable out. I gave him a next big bed and jack filled his Haynet up again like normal. We have our own routine going and by the time that I have done magic's stable then jack has normally finished doing the Haynets. As the original plan for the day was to go and help Josh finish sorting his flat out I'd put Magics food in the stable next to him so that Lynn could just pop his food in this evening, as I tend to have a habit of falling asleep at joshs. It's due to a combination of the tablets that I am on and just the fact that I am not sleeping fully through the night and that I keep waking up then going to sleep again.

However that didn't end up happening so instead jack and I ended up chilling in matlock bath for the day. Ever since I was a kid I have always loved playing on the arcades so that is what I decided that I should do.  I played on the bingo machine and I was really excited, when I won £5 however I then decided to put it all back in the machine and ended up losing it now most people would be annoyed at doing this but to be honest I just had a great laugh doing it.

Then when we got in we had borrowed joshs remote control helicopter and OMG jack and I have never had so much fun it's like we are 6 honestly. We keep flying it around my room, then we decided to try and annoying my dad with it but at this point we hadn't really figured out how to control it, but I've now decided that the helicopter shall be my new messaging device. When jack is chilling on the playstation with his head set on and I want to get his attention I just fly it in front of him and hover it that's so much fun lol. Okay big kid moment over and done with and now I'm off to watch some t.v. and just chill out.

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