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Well from my blog title you will see that today is the 70th day of the year and personally I think that, that is insane. It feels like it was only yesterday that it was the start of the new year and had just been Christmas, what feels even stranger to me is magics age. In 10 days it will be exactly two months until magic is one! And OMG how time has flied. It's currently 6.35 am realistically I should be curled up in bed with the Mr fast asleep but tonight that is not the case and so far I've been awake since jusy before 5am. The weird thing about tonight is that all my tablets were taken at a 'reasonable' time so that in itself should be a guaranteed way to keep me in a deep sleep until the morning but not so much the past few days. Another thing that I don't think is he long with the sleep but I do know is helping with my weight is the fact that I am just stopping snacking at night.  I've been trying to do this for a while but it normally lasts two or three weeks then I'll have a really bad night and I have something to munch. Well this time I am being stubborn and I am NOT giving in to the part of my brain that's telling me to get out of bed and go in the kitchen, I can feel my stomach churning so this is probably why I'm awake at this time.

But back to my original point magic is nearly one and I can't believe how much we have accomplished before I even bought him, my riding teacher warned me that there would be loads of ups and downs but I had no idea how true those words would be. She told me I'd have days where I felt like quitting and days where I felt on top of the world and that is so true. In the short time that I have ownEd magic we have been at two different livery yards, we walked on main roads Over 3 miles to get him to the second yard. I've dealt with people that constantly wanted to put Magic and I down, and being told to sell him and that I don't know what Im doing. I've gone from having magic rear up while your leading him to having him walk in hand calmly and also do a little bit of calm in hand trotting although I won't lie and say that he doesn't get excited sometimes because I think that we all know he does. I've found magic a lovely little home with such a nice and caring support system in place. I've learnt to trust what he's telling me and follow my gut instinct. But most importantly I've just learnt to be my horses mum, I've gone from doing everything for him. Ranging from playing in the field with him because he had no herd or even a friend to go out with, to having battles over who's boss. To now still playing that role but seeing a much calmer horse that's got his sparkle back. He now goes out with a herd all day and is in during the night time. He's learnt that he's not the boss anymore and it's taken us a while but he is finally getting there. But most of all I'm thankful that I went with my gut feeling because all those people that told me magic can't do this or to sell him were all WRONG because he is an amazing little horse. He's taught me so much about the horse world but also about myself and for that I don't think I can thank him enough.

But anyway guys it's 7am and I'm finally falling back asleep so I'll update this post later and also I'll check all my spelling.

Now it's the end of the day and I'm finishing writing this post, Magic is doing really really well he's coming on in leaps and bounds. He doesn't always like things but he has to get used to them and today was a good example of that due to the fact that Magic has hurt himself again honestly I think I have the most clumsy horse in the world, i'll post the pictures in a separate post so that you can give me your opinions on what he has done but unfortunately he'd just got a bit of bleeding on his leg, so I cleaned it with hibiscrub, and made sure that the area around it was clean to. I then brushed him all over and gave him some fuss and attention because he was being all fussy.

Then tonight when I went to put his feed in I left him in the stable and just went about doing the jobs that I needed to do (the main reasons for this was because it was absolutely pissing it down with rain). So as I'd left his food in the stable next door I just went in and gave him his food, I Then took down three of his hay nets as honestly that horse is eating LOADS and filled them back up and putting one big one up for him for tomorrow.

Now I'm chilling watching the soaps, so Until Next Time.
Amber and Magic


  1. Doesn't it feel good following your gut and having it all turn out right. Sorry to hear he hurt himself, but it sounds like he has made heaps of progress in his time with you.

  2. Chrome was soooooooo accident prone at that age!! I think it's normal. Thankfully he grew out of it, so don't worry, Magic won't be clumsy forever lol. I hope he's okay and that it's not too bad.

    You definitely did the right thing moving him!! The negativity at the old barn was bad for both of you. He's proving it just by how much he's improved. :D

  3. Magic is getting better he still has days where he does trip over his own feet but slowly but surely he is becoming better and a lot happier. :) we don't do as much in hand these days as i'm just focusing on letting him be a horse out in the field ;)


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