76. Inspired and motivated

Well it has been a few days since I've had time to post on here life has been hectic but I haven't really been doing anything so because I didn't want to come repetitive I chose not to post anything until I'd got something interesting to tell you all. However I changed my mind tonight after seeing some lovely comments from one of y my followers. I always love peoples comments but this one particular blogger and her awesome horse chrome have really inspired me over the time that I have been reading her blog and her lovely comments inspired me to write a post tonight.

Nothing has been really different here, magic is loving being at his new yard, he's starting to get a really good bond with the yard owner and she says that she really likes him it's hard to believe that since he has been at his new home for over four weeks now. He's loving being g out with the herd and it really has made a massive improvement in his temperament and also how he reacts with his food, I'm now back to putting him back in the stable before I give him his food. I then take my parelli stick with me and friendly game him before giving him his food, and then before I leave I'll wait until he's stood patiently and then I leave and play a bit more of the friendly game with him. Magic is coming on in leaps and bounds and it's so nice to see him out in the herd. I'm so glad I made the choice when I made the choice of Magic and really do think that I have done the best thing by him.  If anything magic has really taught me that following my gut feeling is the best thing that I can do. Not only by magic but also in every day life. Every now and then I ignore it and it normaly is the worst decision that I have made. But for now it's nearly one am here so I'm going to head off and get some sleep. Tomorrow I will have a proper post for you all with lots of pictures but for now I need my beauty sleep ;)

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Amber and Magic


  1. Glad Magic has been enjoying his time out with the herd. I'm a big believer that turn out time with other horses improves a horses attitude to life :) always trust your gut!! It'll never be wrong.

  2. It really has changed magic for the best he is definitely much happier now than he was.

  3. Yes always trust your gut!! I'm still working on that. Almost every time I ignore it something goes wrong lol. You'd think I'd learned by now to always trust my gut instinct, but I'm stubborn I guess hehe.

    I'm glad I inspired you to write again. Makes me so happy!! I have missed your blog. I'm so glad I'm back to blogging and reading. :D

  4. I'll be back for good, there's been a few things going on recently that have meant that I'm not able to actually do blogging (I'll probably email you like you said i could cause some of it's a bit to personal for the world wide web lol) and definitely i started doing it a few days ago and i'm sticking with it.

  5. You're welcome to email me any time about anything. :D I may not be able to solve any problems, but I'm a good listener. We can work to keep each other motivated to keep on writing. :D


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