77. Back to regular blogging.

Magic really does make me laugh, he's been doing things that are funny for the past few days. This morning when I went up to do his stable he was no where to be seen, so I did all the inside of his stable, got his feed ready for tonight, and still magic was no where to be seen. The next thing that I know I was doing his Haynets and I had just watched Lynn call all the horses and seen them come running up. I was in the middle of filling the Haynets when all I heard was 'oi what are you doing' so I shouted back to Jack to ask him what was up as all he was supposed to be doing was putting his Haynets in the stable, and as I had come out the area where the haylage is stored I looked to the left and stood there was magic playing with the feed bucket. Jack thought that he had escaped and then Lynn told me that she had let magic come up. So I grabbed hold of his head collar and walked him up to the stable so that I could carry on with filling the Haynets but after that I really couldn't stop giggling on and off all day.

We then went to see george and see how he had been getting on and spent time with shan and the kids. This evening I went to feed magic again and George came with me to meet him as jack and I thought that we could do him some Good by just getting out of ripley for a little bit.  I bought magic out and decided to give him a quick brush over, he was really good and he let me pick all four feet up happily. I then put him back in his stable and took his head collar off. When I had done that I went and got his food from his stable. The past few days I have gone to putting magic back in the stable before putting his food in. I did that tonight and he was really good, don't get me wrong he still gets impatient about getting his head in the corner feeder but I am sure that in time he will move in from this. I then carried on playing the friendly game with him while he was in the stable before quietly coming out of the stable.

Unfortunately things didn't go quite to plan today as I should have been having a lesson with Fiona so that she could see the new place and so that I could have a few tips on how to do more parelli work with magic. However last night I text her saying that I didn't think that I was going to be able to afford the lesson and she replied that she completely understood, and that she might have had to cancel anyway because Daniel had got an extremely high temperatures. They ended up ringing 999, and he got admitted to hospital last night and is still there..

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Amber and Magic


  1. Magic sounds like such a character :)

  2. Yikes I hope Daniel is okay! Sorry your lesson got canceled.

    Your story about Magic made me giggle too. :D Is he doing well with getting his head collar off without shaking his head now?

  3. He's much better at shaking his head less, he still has the odd day where he appears to get really impatient but that is normally when he is really hungry, i don't know i think he's strange at times lol.

    daniel is loads better know so i think it was just a bug that was going around and he just reacted badly to it :)


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