86. Lots of news for you

well if I have done my maths right then today is the 86th day of the year it's mad to think that it won't be long until it's the 100th day of the year. Time really does fly by without people noticing. Well I figured it's about time that I let everyone in on why I haven't been writing on my blog recently there has been several reasons really. The first one is i have got some news but I didn't want to Jinx myself until I knew if it was true or not. On Tuesday at 12 pm I'll be getting the keys to my own flat.  While Iam really excited I am also kind of super nervous.  I know that it is a big step to be taking but at the moment I just personally feel like it's the right thing to do at the minute. Don't get me wrong I think that I'll have some days where I am going to struggle but believe me when I say that I'm going to try my hardest.

The next thing is that once again my health hasn't been the best except this time it has ended up with me having to have an emergency (seen within two weeks) numerology appointment and let them do some tests and wait and see what the results say. This is all due to the fact that for about a month or so I have been passing out for no real reason. Or I can't see any real reason behind it if that makes sense. I've also been suffering with headaches and been even worse with my mood swings than normal so I am hoping that eventually this will give me some answers to what is going on with my health. I'm also doped up on tablets at the moment so that is making me feel tired 24/7, and it's not like I don't get enough sleep also out nights recently I am asleep by 10.30 pm roughly and then awake at sort of 11am the next day. So all in all my health is pretty strange at the moment in time.

Magic is doing really well he honestly is coming on in leaps and bounds. He seems.to finally have gotten past his kicking out around food which yes has taken us a while but it.proves that patience and determination will win out in the end. Don't get me wrong there was a point I thought he was always going to be a pain about food but the more that he goes out the quieter that he becomes and also the more chilled out he gets. But he is still a big baby and loves all his fuss and attention. The other day i bought him in from the field and it took him forever to realise that it was me that was shouting him but then when he did eventually realise he came running Over to see me which was really nice and honestly made my day. He is such a clever and gentle horse and honestly it amazes me how much he really does pick up on everything.

But anyway it's 4.10am here and for whatever reason I've woken up and just felt like I need to write this but now I'm back off to get some sleep. That's if the boyfriend ever stops snoring next to me.

Until next time
Amber and Magic

P.s. to anyone that has been kind enough to leave me a comment on my blog recently I'm not being rude and ignoring it. I just haven't got around to replying yet whilst I had been sorting all these things out in my head but I will get back to you soon.


  1. You don't mean numerology (numbers) you mean neurology (nerves). Yes Jack does know how to snore despite denying it. xx

  2. Sorry to hear about your health!! Fingers crossed everything is sorted soon.

  3. You don't have to apologize. We don't think you're rude for not replying to comments. I was late replying to some on my blog too. Things happen and you have a lot on your plate. I really hope you can get some answers to your health really soon because passing out has to be really scary!! Congrats on your new flat. That's super exciting!

  4. Thank you for all your comments, my health is still not great but i am starting to feel better now so hopefully i will be able to get back to regularly blogging soon! :)


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