131. Who Am I?

Recently I've been seeing lots of things on facebook about what makes a person who they are, with it coming to the end of the university year lots of people that I want to school with are ending that mile stone. I see lots of comments about this is the end of their journey making them who they are but I completely disagree with this because I don't think that the journey to being you will ever end. As the majority of you will know I have suffered with long term illness and health problems since I was the age of 11, you will also know that I was studying commercial photography at university. However at the end of last year I had to make an extremely tough decision due to my ill health and personal stress problems I made the choice to 'quit' university. Now for a while this made me feel like a complete and utter failure. I've never been good at making my mind up but I don't normally give in, so for ages to myself I was just a fail. Which wound me up and drove me to breaking point, I was losing my head with everyone and everything but there in the middle of all this was my family, Jack and most of all Magic. He was the one thing that never changed and the one thing that made me, well me. He was always happy to see me, a shoulder to cry on, a cuddle on a bad day, a laugh when I needed cheering he was just Magic. So in answer to my question I'm Amber, proud owner of Magic, daughter, girlfriend, loyal friend, I'm just ME. I might know or have a plan for what I'm doing in life but slowly but surely I will get there. I might not really know what I want to do in the future but if this journey that we were on ended now I think that would be really boring because I can be whoever I want to be. 
Excuse my face, but cute moment going on between Magic and I think (but don't hold me to it) Sparky and Phase) 
But now on to what I have been up to. Today has been a relatively quiet day, after having to be up at 7am yesterday morning and then dealing with a bad patch of pain last night, I ended up sleeping in this morning. I then went to see Magic and the weather was lovely it was red hot and sunny. Magic was chilling by the gate waiting for me to bring him in and give him some love, so again I took him in to the cross country field and we did some random bits of walking and trotting. I then took him back up on to the yard and gave him a good old brush, which he seemed to really enjoy. 
Magic yesterday hiding in the middle of the herd, like I said the UK's weather is nearly always rain, the top photograph was today and this one yesterday and it's completely different. 

After I'd done this Jack and I went to meet Connor and Leona and we all just spent a few hours chatting a way and lying on the park in the sun. It was nice weather and nice company, in the UK it's not very often that you get really hot sunny days, so for me any chance to chill in the sun is a chance that I will take. Eventually it was time for Connor and Leona to go to work, so Jack and I headed back to the flat, where we curled up on the sofa and caught up with the soaps before I drifted off in to a peaceful sleep with casper by my head and Jack chilled out on the playstation. Now here I am writing this post, so on that note I'm going to leave you all to it. 
With a crazy owner you have to have a crazy horse and my boy certainly is that. Magic and I pulling faces, phase even joined in with the face pulling and sparky well isn't he just adorable being the 'normal one'. 

Until Next Time 
Amber and Magic  


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